Obama’s Conservation and Green Energy Accomplishments

Obama promotes green energy

George W. Bush was one of the worst presidents in U.S. history in regards to the environment.  President Obama has had his job cut out for him in working to advance conservation and green energy.

Here are a few of his accomplishments along with citations.



Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Amendments Act of 2009. ref

Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. ref

North American Wetlands Conservation Act. ref

Stewardship of the Ocean (established National Ocean Council ), our Coasts and the Great Lakes (Executive Order). ref

Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance (Executive Order). ref, ref

Established partnerships to share environmental technology with other countries. ref


Increased funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund. ref

Increased funding for national parks and forests. ref

$175 million of ARRA allocated for water conservation, $135 million of that in the West. ref


Reengaged in the treaties/agreements to protect the Antarctic. ref, ref

Expanded access to places to hunt and fish. ref

Chesapeake Bay Protection and Restoration (Executive Order). ref, ref

Led effort to phase out whaling. ref

Pursued a wildfire management plan. ref

Encouraged more controlled burns to reduce wildfires. ref

Ordered removal of more brush, small trees and vegetation that fuel wildfires. ref



Established an Energy Partnership for the Americas. ref

Established the Biofuels Working Group to develop a comprehensive approach to alternative fuels. ref

Additional measures to advance clean energy/solar investments and job creation (ARRA). ref

Launched new Climate Service. ref

Worked toward deploying a global climate change research and monitoring system. ref

Implemented renewable fuels mandate of 36 billion gallons by 2022. ref


More than doubled federal spending for research on clean fuels. ref

$60 billion in spending and tax incentives for renewable and clean energy. ref

Invested in all types of alternative energy. ref

Increased funding for the Environmental Protection Agency. ref

Invested $2 billion in solar power, hailed new jobs. ref, ref, ref

Established consumer tax credit for plug-in hybrid cars. ref, ref

Provided grants to encourage energy-efficient building codes. ref

Doubled funding for bicycling, walking projects ref, ref

(DOL) Dedicated $100 million in Energy Training Partnership green jobs training grants. ref

(DOL) Dedicated $150 million for Pathways Out of Poverty green jobs training grants. ref

$8 billion combined public/pvt funding committed to develop Smart Power Grid (part of ARRA). ref

Incentivized farmers to use more renewable energy and be more energy efficient. ref


Purchased fuel efficient American-made fleet for the federal government. ref

Ordered 5,000 hybrids for federal fleet. ref

(NIST) Completed first release of Smart Grid framework. ref

Created job training programs in clean technologies for displaced workers. ref

Created Green Vet Initiative to promote environmental jobs for veterans. ref

Established program to convert manufacturing centers into clean technology leaders. ref


First President to create detailed vision for clean energy economy. ref

Wind power growth up 39% due to government stimulus. ref

Study: Almost 5 million charging stations by 2015. ref

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