Romney’s Top 10 Lies of the Week – Week 29

Top 10 Romney Lies1. At a campaign event in Bowling Green, Ohio, Romney said Obama intends to “raise taxes on small business.”
No, actually, he doesn’t. In reality, Obama has signed 18 tax-cuts for small businesses. This is one of Romney’s favorite lies.

2. At a campaign event in Bowling Green, Ohio, Romney said “This president said he’d cut the deficit in half. He’s doubled it.”
Actually, the deficit on Obama’s first day was $1.3 trillion. Last year, it was also $1.3 trillion. This year, it’s projected to be $1.1 trillion.

3.  Speaking of the rescue of the auto industry, Romney told WTOL in Ohio that, “My plan was absolutely right.”
Actually, his plan was to let the automotive industry go bankrupt. This is a lie Romney repeats often.

4. The Romney campaign said repeatedly this week that it’s “standard” for a presidential nominee to only release two years’ worth of tax returns.
Actually, that is demonstrably false.

5.  At a rally in Irwin, Pennsylvania, Romney said “When you increase the number of regulations that are created three times that of his predecessor … you don’t add jobs.”
Actually,  Obama approved fewer regulations in his first three years in office than Bush did in his first three years.

6. Romney went on to say, “When you put in place regulations that don’t allow coal to be able to be mined or to be used, these things kill jobs, and that’s got to stop.”
Actually, coal production has increased under Obama.

7. Romney also argued, “We won’t forget, by the way, that Congress was in his party for two years with a supermajority.”
Actually,  during Obama’s first two years the Democrats did not have a supermajority for 20 out of 24 months.

8. Romney said “in the last three and a half years, we’ve seen … higher taxes keeps us from achieving what we can achieve.”
In reality taxes have gone down under Obama.  In fact, Americans’ federal tax burden has reached a 30-year low after Obama cut taxes in 2009.

9. Speaking about trade agreements Romney said “Do you know how many this president’s put in place? Zero. Zero.
Actually, Obama signed trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. This is one he tells constantly for some reason

10. Romney vowed, “Slow growth means fewer jobs, and that is why as president of the United States, I will get America on track to have a balanced budget.”
Independent budget analysts have found his agenda would make the deficit bigger, not smaller and would add trillions to the national debt. This is another lie Romney tell repeatedly.

You can find a full list of Romneys lies by going to the Rachel Maddow blog.

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