You know you are liberal if … Part 2

You know you are liberal if...

Earlier this week we published a list of 75 ways to tell you are a liberal and asked for items to add to the list.  As of today, we have reached 100 comments and thought it appropriate to put them up as Part 2.  I want to thank everyone for their interest and for taking the time to participate.  Your responses and additions were right on target, inspirational and thought provoking. We are now up to #196!

Without further ado, we begin with number 76:

76. You know you are a liberal when you can say, “I may disagree with what you say but I will fight for your right to say it”. ~Maryalice

77. You have read at least a few chapters of “Rights of Man” by Tom Paine and embrace his arguments to some degree at least. ~ Thomas Ramsay

78. You are smart enough to know not to let a religion run the government. You also have contempt for the fools who promote that concept. ~Kelly

79. You are smart enough to know that the United States is a Democracy, not an ideology. You are also smart enough to know the difference. ~Kelly

80. You know you are a liberal if you agree that marijuana should be legalized. ~Peggy

81. You have chosen ot change your profession in order to help the disenfranchised. ~ Leelee

82. You believe that capitalism can be good for people. ~cotswoldquaker

83. You believe that your own economic success is a necessity so you can assist other people. ~Kat

84. You’re a Veteran who believes General Smedley Butler is an American Hero and who understands that “War is a Racket” fought to help the rich get richer. ~Troy Reifschneider

85. You know you are a liberal if your kid, nieces and nephews are conservative and you can still speak to them. ~Peggy

86. You know you are a liberal if Fox News makes you want to shoot your TV. ~Peggy

87. You recognize the rights of workers to organize and bargain collectively. ~Ann Brickner

88. You know you’re a liberal if: You took the time to actually research the Founding Fathers and their beliefs. ~Natorni

89. You know you’re a Liberal if: You know the Health Care Mandate won’t destroy America in the same way the Auto Insurance Mandate didn’t. ~Natorni

90. You know you’re a Liberal if: You know the Health Care Mandate won’t destroy America in the same way that mandatory education didn’t and each taxpayer had to pay a portion of that cost as well. ~Kat

91. You know you’re a liberal if: You ever made a charitable contribution and forgot to claim it on your tax return, or just chose not to. ~Joseph E. Stout

92. You think the best way to have a better world is to encourage people, especially your children, to think for themselves as they open their minds to the sea of possibilities. ~ Leighsure

93. You know you are a liberal when you are willing to protect the rights of people with whom you disagree. ~Mauve

94. You may be a liberal if…. You know that even if someone is really different than you, they still probably have a lot of the same hopes, dreams, and a family just like you. ~Bakoyaro

95. You may be a liberal if… You feel that everyone should have access to the resources they need to succeed, by their own definition. ~Bakoyaro

96. You know you’re a liberal when you have read, reread and taught others to read and understand the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights, and you understand how the US government really works. ~Ray

97. You believe Securities Fraud is more common than Voter Fraud. ~Ian K.

98. You believe owning a PhD is more important than owning an SUV. ~Ian K.

99. You think the penalties for a corporation’s misbehavior should be paid by its executives first, its shareholders second, and everyone else last. ~Ian K.

100. You believe government (1) must have the capacity to do for society (a) what society must do to call itself free and just and (b) what society cannot do for itself AND (2) must be honest with and accountable to the governed. ~Ian K.

101. You think 100,000 school lunches for low income children are more important use of $250,000 than a tax break for one “average” millionaire. ~Ian K.

102. You believe the success of a school can’t be measured simply as a function of test scores or championship sports banners. ~Ian K.

103. You know you’re a liberal if you have a brain and can express independant thought. ~Randy M.

104. You may be a liberal if you understand the concept of “Question Everything”. ~Kim

105. You know you are a Liberal when you are willing to let other people be stupid without trying to kill them. ~Lin

106. You know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” ~JJ

107. You admire the concept of “Seven Generations” and try to live by it. ~JJ

108. You don’t believe that if you were really smart, you’d be rich. ~JJ

109. You hope you might win the lottery so you can do something helpful in the world, not so you can acquire more worldly goods than everyone else. ~JJ

110. You believe that education should result in thoughtful people who are capable of reason and making good decisions in the interest of themselves, our nation and the earth, not in the creation of an army of automatons programmed to carry out the direction of a privileged few wealthy exploitationists. ~JJ

111. You understand that the US does not operate a free market economy and it couldn’t even if it wanted to. ~JJ

112. You understand, without fear, that Marx and Engels were simply right, classes do struggle. ~JJ

113. You understand that a thriving middle class, created by government programs, such as the GI Bill, has made the US powerful and prosperous. ~JJ

114. You understand that the decimation of the middle class is the single biggest threat to US economic dominance and that the current sacrifice of the middle class to the upper class is an example of cutting off your nose to spite your face. ~JJ

115. You understand that the decline of US manufacturing is a serious threat to National Security. ~JJ

116. You understand that shifting to renewable energy is patriotic. ~JJ

117. You believe that rights should apply equally to all & should never be put up for a vote. Unless the vote is to increase rights to more people. ~Stephen

118. You know you’re a liberal if…you think at all? !Ivanafter5

119. You might be a liberal if you actually read Ayn Rand, and thought her work sucks. ~Anne Duval

120. You’re a liberal if you don’t think “because someone might get more than they’re ‘entitled to’” is a good reason to oppose aid to needy children. ~Doug Black

121. Your beliefs often require explanations based in fact to be understood, rather than pithy one-liners designed to illicit fear. ~Ryan

122. You are capable of understanding complex explanations in support of a particular position and big words do not scare you. ~Ryan

123. You understand why voter-suppression engineered to rig an election in favor of ANY party is wrong. ~Ryan

124. You believe that unions are a good thing, and that labor has a right to organize. ~Ryan

125. You value government jobs as much as private-sector jobs. ~Ryan

126. You come up with reasonable alternatives to political arguments with which you disagree instead of simply saying no to everything. ~Ryan

127. You think tax cuts are a form of government spending. ~Ryan

128. You think Glenn Beck is a paranoid schizophrenic. ~Ryan

129. You have never accused David Brooks of being “too progressive”. ~Ryan

130. You have never accused someone of being unamerican simply because they disagree with you, but you think that those who have are. ~Ryan

131. You do not think the legal system is only there for people to get revenge on those who have wronged them. ~Ryan

132. You still blame George W Bush for the bad economy. ~Ryan

133. When you refer to “job creators”, you are talking about teachers, not corporations. ~Ryan

134. You cry when you see someone walk past a homeless person to join an anti-gay rally. ~Julia Skelly

135. You have American cars and buy other American made goods. ~Fran

136. You know that you’re a liberal if you let your dog ride in the car with you instead putting him on the roof of your car. ~Patrick Rudback

137. You know that the Bible is not the only “Holy Book” in existence, and none of them should be made law. ~Mark Powell

138. You think the purpose of education is to create a well-informed citizenship with critical thinking skills…and not just to churn out “the workforce of tomorrow”. ~Otariiman

139. It makes you sad to think more Americans believe in angels than climate change. ~Otariiman

140. You know you are a liberal if animal welfare is as important as human welfare. ~Peggy

141. You understand that birth control leads to less abortions. ~Peggy

142. You know you are a liberal if you watch Colbert Report and Jon Stewart for political news. ~Peggy

143. You know you are a liberal if you have actually read Obamacare. ~Peggy

144. You’ve ever stood up for the rights of others. ~Dana Pulley

145. You’ve reported a family member for child abuse. ~Dana Pulley

146. You’ve told someone you want no one, of any race or gender, to be subservient to you. ~Dana Pulley

147. You have a bumper sticker reading “Not A Republican”. ~Dana Pulley

148. You understand that the Constitution is a Living Document, meant to be amended and adapted, and that’s why we have not only the Bill of Rights, but the 11th-27th amendments, too. ~Laura

149. You understand that you can’t claim to know for certain what the Founding Father’s intentions were (because, dude, you weren’t the hell there at the time.) ~Laura

150. Listening to Michelle Bachmann explain things makes your head hurt. ~Laura

151. You are oftentimes disgusted to be a member of the human race because you are actually paying attention to what it’s doing to the planet and the rest of its inhabitants…. ~Melissa Massey

152. Your blood runs blue. ~Michelle Garver

153. You know that Liberal Arts free us from ignorance, the state of not knowing. ~Evelyn Rohrer

154. You know that Liberal Arts free us (liberate us) from ignorance, the state of not knowing. ~Evelyn Rohrer

155. You understand if someone fights for this country they have a right to become a citizen of this country. ~Becky

156. You’re crushed when jon stewart or stephen colbert go on vacation. ~Selena

157. How about you know if your a liberal by knowing what Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” Really means! ~John Kiote

158. You understand the “right to life” extends to all species but only when they are beyond the stage of a divided and fertilized cell. ~Jan

159. Liberals know gay people don’t choose to be gay. ~Chris

160. Liberals know W. was not a good president. ~Chris

161. Liberals don’t get angry that others(gays, women, immigrants) have the same rights that they enjoy. ~Chris

162. You keep your eyes and ears open ALL the time. ~Bob

163. You’re not a robot. ~Bob

164. You can listen to other points of view without having a temper tantrum. ~Bob

165. You have a heart. ~Bob

166. You care about everyone, not just yourself. ~Bob

167. You prefer cooperation over competition. ~Bob

168. You haven’t sold your soul to a corporate lobbyist. ~Bob

169. You actually believe that we are all created equal. ~Bob

170. Everything you think and would LIKE to say, Bill Maher does for you! ~CatS

171. You can’t say Truth & Republican in the same sentence without at least a snicker. ~NightOwl

172. You’re tired of being judged by bible thumpers who know less about what the bible actually says than you. ~Mariha Bowers

173. If you believe that Rachel Maddow is one of the smartest people on TV. ~NightOwl

174. You know you a liberal when you leave your church of 12 years because you just cannot stand to hear another word of “what Bill O’rielly said” that week in the foyer of the church. ~Rhonda Breshears

175. You’ve been informed that you are going to hell for your political views. ~Brad Goldsborough

176. You’d like to see some of the money that gets spent on Defense in the US be used instead to send every single person to college who wants to go. ~Laura H.

177. You think Ronald Reagan is our most over-rated President. ~David Jenkins

178. You find “Obamacare” preferable to “Don’t Care”. ~Paul

179. You can’t pray away Michelle and Marcus Bachmann. ~AV

180. You realize that the name “mitt” is not a proper first name so you refuse to capitalize it. ~Tom

181. You choose peace not war. ~Bob Woodruff

182. You choose talking out disagreements, not fighting over them. ~Bob Woodruff

183. You believe Trade unions are a great thing. ~David

184. If you have genuine compassion for all humans…. and animals( and don’t tie them to the top of your car). ~Meg Mason

185. You are suspicious that the rich are trying to convince the middle class that the poor are to blame for everything. ~Dorene Kordal

186. You think that having dental work done while Fox news is on in the room is worse than having it done with no anethesia. ~ Dorene Kordal

187. You maintain a FOX-free household. ~David

188. You defend freedom of speech even for people expressing the most absurd rightwing nonsense because you believe in the Bill of Rights, not merely demonizing one opponents. ~Dan Kimmel

189. You know the difference between fee, tax, penalty, subsidy, entitlement. ~Peter

190. You realize that entitlements can be for the rich or the poor. ~Peter

191. You actually try to love your neighbor as yourself. ~Peter

192. You can speak/read/write in more than one language. ~Karyn M. Newton

193. You refer to the most widely used language in the United States as “English”, not “American”, and you know how to use it properly. ~Karyn M. Newton

194. The word “Muslim” doesn’t send you into a mouth-frothing fit of apoplexy. ~Karyn M. Newton

195. You understand the fact that there are radical, violent fundamentalists in Christianity, just as there are in Islam, but that those people do not represent the majority of believers IN EITHER CASE. ~Karyn M. Newton

196. You’ve make cupcakes for a bake sale as a fund raiser for a local animal shelter. ~Jack





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