Facebook Racism vs. a Racial Justice Campaign

Un-Fair CampaignThe University of Minnesota – Duluth began sponsoring an ad-campaign earlier this summer aimed at achieving “racial justice” by raising people’s awareness of “white privilege”.

The project is title the “Un-Fair Campaign” and, in addition to the University of Minnesota – Duluth, is supported by several liberal organizations such as the League of Women Voter, the NAACP and the YWC.

The motto of the campaign is “Racism: Ignore it…and it won’t go away” and the homepage of the Un-Fair Campaign website states:

“Racism is an issue that we don’t like talking about. The Un-Fair Campaign was developed to look at racism and to encourage a community dialogue about the causes and solutions.

Racism is a complex social issue and depending upon what you see as the causes of racism you have ideas about the solutions.

We invite you to spend time on this website and to ask yourself how you may be part of the problem as well as part of the solution.

See it. Know it. Stop it.”

The campaign’s message is simple: “society was set up for us” [whites] and as such is “unfair” and is presented through an aggressive campaign of lectures, billboard, posters and online videos such as the one below.

Now, here is where it begins to go off-track.  Back on June 21st of this year a right-wing website, the Reagan Coalition, got a hold of the story, publishing the following short article which included a couple of their posters and the video we have posted above:

“The United States just elected an African American president. The supposed “racist” south just elected two Indian-American governors: Nikki Haley (South Carolina) and Bobby Jindal (Louisiana). Institutional racism does not exist. We were supposed to be a post-racial country now.

But one campaign funded by the University of Minnesota is keeping the dialogue going.

They say that it is unfair to be White.

“We’re privileged that people see us not a color.”
“We’re privileged because society was set up for us.”
“We’re privileged and that’s unfair.”

I found this advertisement to be utterly disgusting even as a non-White person. I imagine a young White child watching this video and feeling ashamed by himself. Nobody should be made to feel ashamed for their skin color whether they are: White, Black, Yellow, Red, or Brown!

Then I could imagine my own son watching this video and then use his skin tone as an excuse everytime he fails at something.”

And all that is fair enough.   After all, it is merely an opinion.  So here is where the situation fully derails:  this website also has an associated Facebook fan page, I will NOT vote for Obama in 2012 – but this is not just any of the many right-wing borderline hate pages on Facebook.  Nope.  They have slightly over 1 million likes on the page so far and they posted the photo below on their wall on July 1st with the following caption:

“A Public Service Announcement by the Unfair Campaign (funded by UMN) wants you to feel guilty for being white. Click LIKE because God made us what we are on this Earth, we had no choice in it, and shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about it…”

So far they have over 24,000 likes, over 3,500 shares, and 3,500 comments and counting which is where things begin getting frightening, shocking, angering……….. and in all fairness, I should point out that there were some who were the voice of reason on the page, but for the most part it was rather disturbing.  Here are but a few of the comments, picked pretty much at random (there is no way I could stomach going through all the comments).

[A personal favorite is the one complaining about former slave-owners not receiving any kind of refund.]

  • Oh boo hoo. Black, White, Hispanic. Who cares? What blacks don’t realize is they people they really need to be mad at is THEIR ancestors. A lot of them would trade their on kin! This is the problem with America and everyone thinking they’re owed something from something that happened 200 years ago! Get over it and start rebuilding America to make it BETTER.
  • I will NEVER apologize for being white! These blacks need to go back to Africa!!
  • When we realize there will always be a us and them and the mentality is as almost instinctive as it is to breathe. Their will be no equality its all positioning. For 40 years now we have held white children back to enable blacks to have a chance in our educational systems. For 40 years now we have retarded the growth of our children. Now we cry about our educational systems and how they have failed. How is this when we set them up to fail in the first place. This is a fundamental flaw in our political system in the U.S. So that 1 can succeed we will cut the feet off of 10,000 others. I love the U.S. but even I see its time to return to our homelands.
  • And actually, since black culture commonly pokes fun at white people for being white (and white culture, a double-whammy), the Government demonizes us and withholds benefits for being white, and we don’t have any Great White Leader national holidays, “we’re lucky that poeple see us and not a color” (the only piece of drivel I read from the image before moving on with my life) is patently false.
  • Oh, the left. They preach intolerance and hatred wherever they go, and hope that giving people free shit will be enough to make them feel good about being hateful.
  • Some of the most subversive trash I have ever seen – Hang the people who created this garbage by their necks until dead…that would be a good start
  • people see our color! If been crapped on ever since i can remember for being white. you bleeding heart liberals make me puke im 62 anly racism if seen was aginst whites only in books the other way Im beginning to wonder?
  • there were more white slaves in america then any other race. very few families owned slaves. indians had black slaves you never hear much about that. and i have never heard about any refunds for familes that owned slaves after they were free.
  • the librals which control the amedia and entertainment industry are always doing this brain washing crap. You know there is The BET Black intertainment channel, where is The WET White inertainment channel? Oh wait that would be concidered racist oops! 🙂
  • piss on these ignorant moron’s ,i do not feel bad because these people of color are playing these liberal dumb white folk ,and these blacks and latino’s are laughing at them …….these racist people got you dumb ass white folk to go on TV with stuff written all over your faces and whine about poor ,poor people of color……..god made you and put you where you are for a reason ……dumbasses……liberal fools…..
  • what the fuck is with these ass holes , now they pay whites to paint stupid things on their faces!! or is it photo shop! fuck you people!
  • Trying to “GUILT” people into submission is just another ploy to gain the upperhand by all of the minorities “banding together” against Caucasions, who by the way, they STILL hold grudges against after hundreds of years…we weren’t there and neither were YOU! Let it go, Moron and GROW UP! We were told to “suck it up” when we were kids growing up hard, now why don’t you suck it up? Suck it up and MOVE ON!
  • This is disgusting. I am not privileged because of my skin color. We work HARD for everything we have. It`s not HANDED to US! Our country is turning into a pathetic place. That is what I am ASHAMED of!
  • i seen those stupid ass billboards in duluth. fuck that shit i am glad and proud to be white. if your black good for you but i will be damed if i am going to be sorry for being white. and fuck you to those that think i should be. FUCK YOU
  • and kiss my fucking ass you stupid worthlees bastards
  • go staight to fucking hell
  • i am white and so is my dick …

…. The beat goes on……. This is but one example of the reason why liberals and progressives need to get out and vote this year.  I guarantee you that many of the individuals above will be voting.

Voting is a privilege – don’t throw it away!

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