" /> GOP pushed to the far right

GOP pushed to the far right

The War Room with Jennifer Granholm took on the Tea Party and talked about how their influence has pushed the GOP to the far right making it only a matter of time before the majority of moderate Americans take a stand and push back, creating a golden opportunity for the Democratic Party and Progressives.

“As these Republicans run to the crazy tea-party right, they’re gonna leave behind a huge mass of genuinely moderate and independent Americans that make up the majority of voters, the ones that used to consider themselves — now extinct — moderate Republicans. They are up for grabs, folks!” Granholm says. “And the Democrats and progressives have got to grab them! And not just with their lack of tea party insanity, their lack of Koch brothers strings. The Democrats and progressives have got to grab them with their solid, forward-thinking ideas.”

You can watch the video, below.

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