" /> Hardball with Chris Matthews: Election 2012 and the Tea Party

Hardball with Chris Matthews: Election 2012 and the Tea Party

2012 Tea PartyChris Matthews and his guests discussed the Tea Party and its ultra conservative politics and its influence on the Republicans in the 2012 elections.

Chris Matthews began with the following monologue:

“Let me start tonight with this. Huey Long once that ‘fascism – when it comes to America will call itself anti-fascism’.

So what do we call this hard lurch to the right that happening in the country as I speak? I don’t mean conservatives. The conservatives are the ones getting hit by this new hard rightward swing in politics.

Last night in Texas a cheered on hero of the Tea Party right beat Governor Perry’s candidate and now can’t be stopped. Suddenly conservatism isn’t good enough. You’ve got to be on the far out fringe where people don’t believe in science , think that government should arrest people for abortion, where same-sex marriage is the work of the devil, where government is bad where nothing is better than another war in the Mideast yet another neocon race towards Armageddon

What happened to the party of Lincoln? Of Ike? Of Reagan, who put his whole heart into eliminating nuclear weapons, who thought the key of politics was tough negotiation across the aisle. Not this crazed gang of the right who want nothing more than for government to fail so they can climb up onto the capitol dome, pound their chests and lead the charge for the all out victory over the remaining Democratic opposition.”

You can watch the video below.

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