" /> Jon Stewart on Chik-fil-A-tors

Jon Stewart on Chik-fil-A-tors

Jon Stewart on Chik-fil-AThursday, Jon Stewart discussed the recent controversy surrounding Chik-fil-A and this week’s Appreciation Day.

Jon notes that the recent call by the mayors of Boston, Chicago and San Francisco have given right-wing conservatives a legitimate First Amendment complaint:

“You know how the right is always complaining about the government persecuting them for their beliefs? (Mistaking not being able to do what they want wherever they want with censorship). Well, in this case, I am pretty sure they have something. Pretty sure you can’t outlaw a company with perfectly legal business practices because you find their CEO’s views repellent…. not sure which Amendment covers that but it’s probably in the top one.”

“The right finally has got themselves a legitimate first amendment gripe and as a bonus has a fried meat sandwich protest.”

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