Jon Stewart Rips Media Coverage of the Paul Ryan Nomination

Jon Stewart ripped the media’s coverage of Paul Ryans selection as running mate for Mitt Romney noting on his website:

“Paul Ryan’s vice presidential nomination raises serious campaign issues such as fishing pole shortages and the influence of late-night infomercials.”

From network to network, Ryan is being referred to as a “Sarah Palin with substance,” which clearly annoyed Jon Stewart as

“you can’t just say a thing is just like another thing, but without the traits that define that thing. Then you’re not talking about that thing. ‘This thing is amazing! It’s like a bicycle without wheels or a handlebar.’ And you’re like, ‘Yeah, it’s a chair. It’s a f*cking chair.'”

See both segments devoted to Paul Ryan below:

Part 1: Democalypse 2012 – Paul Ryan’s Nomination

Part 2: Paul Ryan’s Bipartisan Appeal

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