Let Palin, Bachmann & Trump Speak at the RNC

Let all the crazies speakChris Matthews discusses letting Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Donald Trump and all the other extremist right-wingers speak at the Republican National Convention.

“I see a little friction developing over whether former governor Sarah Palin should speak at the Republican National Convention. I say, “Let her speak!” Let her bring down the house with that history lesson of hers about how Paul Revere did that midnight ride of his to keep the Brits from taking away our guns.

I say, ‘Let ’em all speak!'”

Matthews goes on to suggest having Newt Gingrich explain how “women shouldn’t serve in combat”, Allen West discuss the “78-82 Communists among the Democrats in Congress”; Sharron Angle explain “Second Amendment remedies” and all the other crazies such as Frank Gaffney, Christine O’Donnell, Rick Santorum and others.

You can watch the video below.

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