National Geographic: How It Was: Voices of 9/11 (VIDEO)

How It Was: Voices of 9/11National Geographic Television presents a 45 minute documentary featuring recordings of 9-1-1 calls with New York City’s emergency operators and dispatchers on that fateful day 11 years ago in 2001.

This special spotlights the communicative aspects of 9/11 by dealing with the event from an oral history perspective, as well as how news of 9/11 was transmitted through electronic media. Personal testimony and interviews recount how radio dispatchers and the like did their jobs with a combination of training, instinct and grace, while trying to decipher the various conflicting accounts provided by well-meaning eyewitnesses and the frantic calls of those trapped in the Towers.

In a particularly poignant portion of the documentary, dispatchers recall talking with people inside the second tower and when it fell the phones went silent.

You can watch the program below.

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