Misinformation, Lies & Fear about Obama (VIDEO)

Misinformation fears and lies about obamaThe following video is a collage of footage demonstrating the misinformation, lies and fear being spread thoughout America regarding President Obama.

“Since 2007, the GOP and the Right Wing Media, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, et al, have been propagating a campaign of irrational fear and hate against President Barak Obama. These devious and dishonest attacks are designed to delegitimize the Presidency of Barak Obama, and to characterize him as; the other, foreign, un-American, non-Christian, and  alien.

He has been called socialist, communist, fascist, The New Hitler, Marxist, Stalinist, Muslim, African Anti- Colonialist, Anti-Christ, baby killer, gay lover, uppity, The Food Stamp President, and nigger.

The base of the GOP is clearly without any morality, their claim to Jesus and God rings hallow as they practice Anti-Christ in the name of Jesus. This constituency has been duped with fear, into a position of unfounded distrust and hate. In their zealotry, they express a fanatical willingness to vote against their own self interest.

The Conservatives have been conquered, their party has been taken over by the Corporatist in a pact with the Theocrats and the Objectivist.

Watch this video and tell me how anyone with a modicum of intelligence, or any degree of honesty, could vote for a Republican.”