Romney’s racial identity politics targets white votes

 Romney ads use deliberate lies as part of his strategy of racial identity politics to target white votes in the form of welfare ads that have been consistently debunked by independent fact checkers such as Politifact who have awarded some of them the “pants on fire” award which is reserved for only the most egregious lies. Several other fact-check organizations and websites, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN as we covered here.

These ads are targeting white working-class Americans in an attempt to stir up animosity towards the president by falsely claiming the President Obama ended work requirements for welfare and now they “just send” out checks.

In reality, all President Obama did was grant waivers to states to begin experimenting with their individual welfare programs to improve work outcomes – often times at the request of Republican governors with these waivers are being only granted to states that promise to increase work outcomes for welfare recipients.

Ultimately, the truth behind the attack ads not only stands in stark contradiction to Romney’s own position as he requested these same waivers during his time as governor of Massachusetts.

You can watch 4 such ads below.

Long History


Right Choice


The Fall and Rise of Welfare Reform


Only In America


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