California lawmaker: Officials ‘should be shot’ over taxes

Officials ‘should be shot’ over taxesAmong other crazy statements, California Assemblyman Mike Morrell (R) recently said that government officials “should be shot” over taxes.

Speaking before the Christian Principle Resource Conference in September, Morrell stated that:

“Government picks winners and losers. So what I decided to do in California, study how good of a job does government do with our tax money in helping the poor. Somehow I don’t think you guys think they do very well. Well, let me tell ya. Let me tell ya. It ain’t very good. I mean, it’s, they should be shot.”
He is currently being challenged in the upcoming election this November by Democratic candidate Russ Warner who issued a statement earlier this week, which says in part that Morrell is “too extreme for our democracy”.
Warner went on to note that “Advocating violence against Americans and our California Legislature is a fundamental betrayal of the oath of office he swore back in 2010,” he said. “I call upon Mike Morrell to disavow these shameful remarks immediately”.
You can watch Morrell’s full lecture below.  The statement about being shot begins at the 31:15 mark of the first video.

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