Colbert presents: Romney’s first day in office

Colbert presents: Romney's first day in officeStephen Colbert notes that Mitt Romney’s inauguration day schedule exhibits the qualities of a real leader — or a serious tweaker.

Colbert shares his copy of the Presidential Schedule for President Romney’s first day.

8am to Noon – Inauguration

12:30 – Appoint Cabinet

1:00 – Take photo for White House ID card

1:07 – Retake photo

1:45 – Repeal Obamacare

2:30 – Examine remains of Roswell aliens

3:00 – Unwrap Oval Office label maker

3:15 – Label China a ‘currency manipulator’

4:00 – Pick nuclear launch codes, maybe zipcode + Ann’s birthday???

6:00 – Take down Biden’s old Eric Estrada posters

6:15 – Get everyone in America a job

8:00 – Activate automatic self-deportation

9:00 – Immigration solved

10:00 – With presidency completed – resign and attend inauguration of President Ryan

AND, and President Ryan’s first day – mostly shoulders, but also some legs and back.

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