Romney Campaign Photoshops Image To Make Crowd Appear Larger

If you are like me, you are completely disgusted with all the lies coming out of the Romney campaign.

Earlier this year I ran a weekly piece detaing the Top 10 Romney Lies of the week but after only 4 weeks I became so disgusted at the repetition of the same lies week after week I gave up.  For a while I received emails asking me why I had stopped and I typically responded that I thought it would be easier to publish the 1 or 2 truths he told a week, but was not so sure that there was enough consistent material for a weekly post.

It seems that every time Romney opens his mouth he is lying. It seems that every campaign ad is full of lies.  Now,  it is blindingly obvious to anyone who has ever looked at a photograph or heard of Photoshop that the Romney campaign doctored a photo of a rally in Nevada this week to make the event, and crowd size look bigger.  As of now, you can still view the photo on the mittromney INSTAGRAM page, but how knows how much longer it will be there now that they have been exposed – yet again.

Romney Campaign Photoshop Lie


Romney Campaign Photoshop Lie


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