A Final Letter To Mitt Romney

A Letter To President ObamaDear Mitt and Paul,

I wanted to clear something up for you.

I have seen the debate about what went wrong, and why you lost this election. As a voter I want you to know that my voting against you had nothing to do with the fact that you are both rotten people.

It was not because of your crazy religions.

It had nothing to do with Eastwood’s empty chair, or the hurricane, or the liberal media telling me bad things about Bain.

I did not vote against you because I am a minority.
I did not vote against you because I live in an urban area.
I did not vote against you because of the cheese wiz in your veins or the elevators for your cars.
I did not vote against you because you are bullies and bigots.
I did not vote against you because you are rich hypocrites.

It was not because of Chris Christie, or Colin Powell, or Bill Clinton, or Anne Coulter, or Chris Mathews or Rachel Maddow or Meygn Kelly or Jon Stewart or Brian Williams, or anybody on tv.
I didn’t vote against you for any of those reasons because, I didn’t vote against anybody.

I voted for someone.
I voted for a man who brought my childhood friends home from war that they could kiss their wives and tuck their kids in at night.
I voted for a guy who loves New Jersey more than he dislikes Chris Christie.
I voted for the guy who looked in the mirrors of his daughter’s eyes, questioned himself, and changed his mind about marriage equality.
I voted for the guy who called Sandra Fluke and told her that her parents should be proud.
I voted for the guy who honors the women in his life by ensuring them trust to make their own reproductive and health choices and opportunity to work through glass ceilings with equal pay.
I voted for the guy who signed the stimulus that paid for the hearing aids that allowed me to hear my children clearly.
I voted for the guy who gave my sister the ability to buy health insurance in spite of pre existing conditions.
I voted for the guy who picked Joe Biden for a VP. Joe’s love for his country, his willingness to give of himself, his smarts and experience are top notch.
I voted for the guy who was smart enough to put a ring on Michelle Obama’s finger.

Most importantly, I voted for the guy who will continue to place America and what is right for her first.

I trust him.

When he hears a lone voice in a crowd of plenty shout, “I love you!” He shouts, “I love you back!”

See Mitt, Paul, it’s not you… It’s him.

I did not vote against you.

I voted for Barack Obama.
I voted for Joe Biden.
I voted for Michelle and Sasha and Malia.
I voted in favor of my self and my spouse and our sons and our future.
I voted in favor of the best tomorrow for America available.

You can blame polls, and weather events, and skewed electoral votes and biased media and urban minorities who supposedly want free stuff till you actually turn into the slow moving regressive elephants who represent you if you wish but no manipulating the facts.

You lost not because you are losers but because Barack is a winner.

Sarah Zacharias
The Bucking Jenny
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Sarah Zacharias

Sarah Zacharias is the State Director for Wyoming’s chapter of www.UniteWomen.org . She is a mother of two, a wife of nearly 10 years, and a fifth generation Wyomingite. Sarah battles several debilitating illnesses while working from home as a writer and activist. She created her blog, The Bucking Jenny (www.Bucking-Jenny.com ), in February of 2012 by first writing about women’s issues. Since then she has also chosen to talk about tough topics including poverty, homelessness, rape, addiction, abortion and mental illness. In her short time as an online persona, Sarah has been thrilled to make alliances with many fine progressives. She has received shout outs on Twitter from Sandra Fluke and Mark Ruffalo. Her farewell letter to Mitt and Paul was read aloud on both the Randi Rhodes Show and The Stephanie Miller Show and she has several pieces featured on The Wyoming Democrats website. Sarah enjoys working as an administrator with forward facing Facebook pages like The Pragmatic Progressive, Third Wave Feminism, Real Truth Now, What The Hell Is Wrong With US?, and Wyoming Progressives as well as for her personal Facebook page, The Bucking Jenny. She has also become a columnist for several online news magazines including The Spare Changer, Addictinginfo, and www.TheBigSlice.org, in addition to her work here at Liberals Unite.