Romney Turns to Desperation

Romney Turns to DesperationTHE STATE OF THE RACE FOR PRESIDENT: Romney turns to desperation as the president is leading early vote in the key battleground states that will help decide this election.

With six days to Election Day, President Obama has the math and Romney has the myth. Democrats have been building their historic ground game for years and it’s going to win this election. Romney is down everywhere he needs to be up and all he has left is desperation and dishonesty.

Democrats have an early-vote advantage in battlegrounds from North Carolina to Nevada and President Obama is leading or tied in every battleground state across the country.

  • Colorado: Democrats are doing better in early voting this year than we had two years ago when they swept the U.S. Senate and governor’s races in Colorado.
  • Florida: Democrats took the lead in early voting in the first 48 hours after in-person early voting started. In 2008, it took them almost a week.
  • Iowa: Democrats lead Republicans in early voting by 60,000 – exactly the same lead they had four years ago when President Obama won Iowa by 10 points.
  • Nevada: Democrats have a 40,000 early-vote lead over Republicans and two in three early voters in Nevada are women, young people, African American, or Latino.
  • North Carolina: Democrats are up by nearly 305,000 ballots cast, and their margin continues to increase every day at early voting locations all over the state.
  • Ohio: There have been nine public polls among people who already voted and President Obama leads by double digits in every single one.
  • Virginia: 70 percent of our supporters said they’re very enthusiastic about the President. Only 56 percent of Romney supporters said the same about Romney.
  • Wisconsin: Voters in Democratic counties and precincts are turning out at higher rates and out-voting Republican counties and precincts by more than two to one.

Mitt Romney is trapped in a tremendously narrow and improbable path to 270 electoral votes, and his desperation is palpable. All he has left are myths, bluffs and dishonesty, but he’s not fooling anyone – especially voters, who don’t trust him at all.

“Romney’s momentum” is a myth. He hasn’t been able to put away a single battleground state and has to win between 54 percent and 60 percent of the remaining votes in North Carolina, Iowa and Nevada to win those states.

“Expanding the map” is a bluff. Romney can’t win states like Ohio so he’s throwing money at states where he never built an organization and has been losing for years, like McCain did in 2008. He’s reached his break-glass moment.

Romney’s lies keep getting further from the truth – whether it’s autos falsehoods that GM and Chrysler themselves debunked, his old welfare lie that everyone in America knows is false, or more attempts to hide that he would overturn Roe v. Wade and deny women the right to choose.

ROMNEY’S AUTOS DESPERATION: Romney Stoops to Wildly False Claims about the Auto Industry as He Tries to Keep Ohio – and the Election – From Slipping Away

Romney’s autos ad reeks of desperation. Chrysler, GM and the Detroit newspaper he cites have debunked the incredibly misleading claims Romney made about them. Romney thinks deception can still win him the election, but voters already know they can’t trust him.

Democrats are leading early vote in the battleground states that will help decide the election and they are not taking a single one for granted. But Mitt Romney isn’t where he wanted to be six days out – he’s down everywhere he needs to be up. As a result he’s stooping to desperate attacks and releasing one of the most misleading, hypocritical and indefensible ads Americans have ever seen in a presidential race.

In Ohio, the Democrats’ lead is larger than Romney’s is in North Carolina. So he responded with an ad that everyone in America knows is flat-out false. It reeks of desperation.

  • Romney falsely suggests Chrysler and GM are moving production to China. Chrysler itself debunked that; GM said it comes from “some parallel universe.”
  • He cites a Detroit newspaper that took him to task for opposing the auto rescue.
  • He claims he has a plan to help the auto industry and that he’ll fight for every American job. Neither is true. President Obama fought for the American worker and rescued the auto industry; Romney’s plan was to “let Detroit go bankrupt” without the support GM and Chrysler needed to survive.

Romney knows Ohio is slipping away, so he’s saying whatever he thinks will close the deal with voters – even if it’s completely untrue. But the American people want a President they can trust, and they know Romney isn’t it.

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