Rush Limbaugh loses it ranting about the GOP losing women, latinos and the youth votes

Did al-Qaeda gave up bin Laden to help Obama?In response to Romney’s loss this week, Rush Limbaugh seemed to go completely insane asking what exactly it would take for Republicans to be able to get votes.

He started out by whimpering

“It’s being said once once again that the Republicans have an outreach problem, that we don’t have Hispanics, we don’t have blacks, and we don’t have women and it’s… Okay, fine, we don’t, what are we supposed to do?”

From there he goes into a rant asking what the Republicans need to do to get those votes.

Are we supposed to embrace amnesty? No, no, no, I’m being serious! We have achieved [sic], brilliant, intelligent, accomplished African Americans, Hispanics, you name it – throughout the Republican party. It doesn’t count! It doesn’t count with the media, it doesn’t count with the Democratic party, it doesn’t count with Obama supporters.

He then goes on to look at specifics noting:

But what are supposed to do, in order to get the Hispanic vote now? Does that mean, open the borders and embrace the illegals? I want you to think about this. So – the Republican establishment, does that mean, if we’re not getting the female vote, do we become pro-choice? Do we have to start giving out birth control pills? Is that what we have to do?

Limbaugh then starts getting a bit crazy with his suggestions asking

Okay, if that’s what we have to do, pretend we’re doing it. Pretend that in the next couple of weeks, couple of months, the Republican Party announces that it is for contraception being given out by the state, and in fact the Catholic Church must give contraception away and make abortion available. Are we going to get the votes Obama got last night. We’re not? Really, we’re not?

We won’t. But we’re not getting the votes that Obama got last night because we have Condoleeza Rice – and she is a pinnacle of achievement, and intelligent, and well-spoken . . . You can’t find a more accomplished person. Marco Rubio. And really, speaking in street lingo, we’re not getting credit for it. Now is it that Republicans are looking for credit? And it’s not perceived as genuine? Are these people perceived as tokens?

Limbaugh wraps up mocking suggesting more ways to get the vote:

Youth, the youth vote! I tell you what we should do, let’s announce, starting around Christmastime, so that we can get close to being Santa Claus ourselves, let’s announce that we are for the legalization of marijuana, and that as a party we’re in favor of forgiving all student loans . . . Is that how we do it?

All these examples . . . Latinos! We’re not going to get the Latino vote by opening the borders and saying, you know what? Let anybody in who wants to come in.

Women. Let’s start our own abortion industry. Let’s go out and get the women’s vote. I just want you to think, would that work.

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