Gov. Jan Brewer punches a reporter?

Gov. Jan Brewer punches a reporter?The story is nearly a week old, but Gov. Jan Brewer’s response to a local reporter’s question about global warming has the internet buzzing.

Last Friday, local Arizona station KTVK aired a story and a video clip with  Gov. Brewer’s saying that she did not believe that humans were to blame for climate change.  At the end of the clip she asked 3TV reporter Dennis Welch “where in the hell did that come from?” referencing his initial question about global warming.

However, as later reported by, a photojournalist, Michael Clawson, who witnessed the exchange has come forward describing how Gov. Brewer also punched Welch on the back of his arm off camera.

Clawson’s version was published on Wednesday on the widely read media blog, In part, Clawson’s story said this:

“(Welch) had turned to a camera operator and seemed to be putting his microphone away. Brewer took her left hand, balled it into a fist and with the back of her hand she slugged the reporter on the back of his right arm. Not hard, but with enough force that he spun around to see what was going on. She leaned in real close and looked up (she’s a shorter lady) and said in a whisper loud enough for most of us to hear, ‘Where the hell’d that come from?'”
Jim Romenesko’s blog has been picked up by various websites. Some of those sites have described “the hit” as a punch, some a slug and one even called it “a rumble.” You can see the raw video above.

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