Rush Limbaugh Says All Mass Shooters Are Liberal – Then Takes It Back

by Kimberley Johnson




Rush Limbaugh used the old lawyer trick in this conversation where he makes a volatile and bombastic statement and then immediately retracts it. But it’s out there. It lingers. Bottomfeeders soak it up. Limbaugh gets to pretend he is being politically correct, but everyone knows it is indeed what he really thinks – more importantly, what he wants his listeners to know he thinks.

He continues to shovel filth and lies.

LIMBAUGH: And to the phones we go back now, this is open-line Friday. It’s Olivia from Dallas. Great to have to on the EIB network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush!


CALLER: I wanted to ask you what Adam Lanza’s political orientation is. Because the last time I remember there was a really politicized shooting, they were very quick to blame Sarah Palin. I’m talking about the 2011 Tucson shooting.

LIMBAUGH: Actually, the last time prior to this was the Dark Knight Rising —

CALLER: But it wasn’t like a politicized —

LIMBAUGH: Oh, yes it was. ABC News tried to blame it on the Tea Party. Brian Ross tried to — they found the guy’s name, and the first thing they looked was the local Tea Party roster to see if they could find a name there. They found the same name, a different guy, and Brian Ross goes on Good Morning America and says we think this guy might be a member of the Tea Party.

CALLER: Right. So I’m wondering if all this talk about his background and his psychology, I wonder if they haven’t unearthed what it was. Because I remember with Jared —

LIMBAUGH: Well, he was 13.

CALLER: He can still have political beliefs. But I remember with Jared Loughner, they said that he was a Republican and it turned out that he was actually quite liberal.

LIMBAUGH: They all are liberals. If they’re mentally disturbed.

CALLER (laughing): Oh, that’s not fair.

LIMBAUGH: You’re right. That was – that’s not — that was — I’m sorry. You’re terribly right, terribly right. That’s one of those things you just can’t tell the truth about. You’re right. I should not have said — I take that back.

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