Sen. Graham: Supreme Court should not rule on marriage equality

Sen. Graham Supreme Court should not rule on marriage equalityRepublican Sen. Graham is pushing the idea now that it is inappropriate for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule on cases regarding marriage equality, specifically same-sex marriages.

In an interview conducted by Piers Morgan with Republican Senators Graham, McCain and Independent Lieberman, Morgan asked  if America could “really stand for freedom and genuine equality if half the states continue to view the rights of a homosexual couple to get married in a completely different way?”

“I’m sorry, but here’s a country that stands on the grounds of freedom, democracy and equality. And here you are all telling me that’s fine, as long as you’re in the right state,” Morgan added.

Sen.  McCain answered that the “Constitution of the United States says all rights are reserved for the states except for those given to the government.”

“Would you respect the original rights of the founding fathers to allow slavery?” Morgan followed up. “Would you allow slavery in some states but not others?”

“Can I suggest this?” Graham offered. “Slavery was outlawed by a constitutional amendment. Go watch ‘Lincoln,’ a great movie. The people decided. The question for us is who should decide these things? Should it be a handful of judges or should it be the people themselves? And I come out on the side of the people themselves.”

“But slavery was outlawed by a constitutional amendment. If you want to propose a constitutional amendment legalizing same-sex marriage and it passes, that’s the law of the land.”


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