Harry S. Truman Tells A Joke (VIDEO)

Harry S. Truman

In this vintage footage from Columbia Pictures’ 1964 “Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman,” Harry relates a story about the first political speech he ever heard involving a lobster and a bowl of soup.


Harry S. Truman – The Lobster Story

 “Well, the first political speech I ever heard was out at Grandview, when a great Congressman was running for reelection. And he told a story about a fellow who had, for the first time, been in New York and he was having dinner at one of these great restaurants. And they brought him a bunch of celery and he ate it. They brought him some consommé and he drank that. And then they brought him a lobster on a plate. And he said, “Now listen. I ate your bouquet. I drank your dishwater. But damned if I’m gonna eat that bug!” And he wouldn’t eat the lobster, and I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t either.”

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