Fox News Benghazi Fest Includes Attacks on Jon Stewart & Rachel Maddow (VIDEO)

Fox News Benghazi Fest

Fox News has been having a field day this week regarding the Benghazi hearings claiming – yep, you guessed it – liberal media bias.

On Wednesday, Fox News The Five even went so far as to include attacks on Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow who had called them out earlier in the week on their prospective shows for spreading biased hysteria about Benghazi that is simply not supported by the facts.

You can watch the clip below, followed by some other examples of Fox News’ “fair and balanced” coverage of the Benghazi hearings. I guess if you cannot win on the facts, you may as well dazzle with bullshit.

Judy Miller on the mainstream media’s lack of curiosity about what happened the night of Libya attack:

Ellen Ratner on how much time the liberal press will devote to Benghazi:

Bias Bash: Media dismiss Benghazi cover-up claims:

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