Black Woman Poses As White Woman – Suddenly Jobs/Calls Come Rolling In (Video)

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David Packman, along with is own personal tale of discrimination, reports on a story of a young black woman who experienced racial discrimination during a two-year job search.

Yolanda Spiviey applied for 300+ jobs, to no avail. With ten years of experience in the insurance industry, she decided to go back to college and finish her degree thinking that would help. Still nothing.

So Yolanda Spivey decided to try something different. She decided to apply — as white woman. And she got completely different results.

Here is an older PSA video of a man imitating different ethnic accents, when seeking to rent an apartment. Until he ‘appears’ to sound white, with a ‘white man’s name,’ he gets a continuous round of no’s.

Sometimes, I just don’t see how much has changed. I have to remember we have made progress, but often by the time we see it, it’s as if it should have existed all along.

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Leslie Salzillo

Leslie Salzillo

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