You ever get sick and tired of the rabid hatred from conservatives on Facebook?

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UPDATE: Click here for Part II: ‘I hate you effing Statists, and Socialists’ – Tangling With A Rabid Facebook Conservative, complete with the same anonymous friend.

Here is my favorite one where he goes insane over Cat Stevens, in PART III: Rabid Conservative Attacks Folk Music and Obama On My Facebook Wall

So, I posted this cover on my Facebook profile earlier and the following exchange ensued.  It is incredible the level of blind hatred coming from some individuals these days.  My favorite part is about diversity leading to division with the Civil War justifying future violence as a close second.

Read it and weep.

Name Changed to Protect the Guilty: Really? And do you have any comment on all the scandals the leftist government embroiled in? 3 more years of this?

Samuel Wynn Warde: 11 more years of this with any luck.

Name Changed to Protect the Guilty: Bullshit! There will be a Civil War if it’s even tried.

Samuel Wynn Warde Free democratic elections are cause for a Civil War? Interesting. And exactly how long have you considered being a traitor to your country?

Name Changed to Protect the Guilty: Well, first you commie fucktards would have to change the law and that is not likely to happen, but if you somehow manage it, I and many others will fight.

Name Changed to Protect the Guilty: I can barely tolerate you leftist/statists as it stands.

Samuel Wynn Warde Sticks and stones…. (And I was referring to 8 years of Hillary. Last time I checked the 22nd Amendment restricted a president to 2 terms.)

Name Changed to Protect the Guilty: Hillary doesn’t stand a chance, not now. You are stuck on stupid, Sam, and you deserve whatever insults are thrown your way. You have ignored the truth and support Statism. It’s your religion. You are as bad as a Muslim in my opinion.

Name Changed to Protect the Guilty: Lower than a snakes belly.

Samuel Wynn Warde Insults are the last refuge of those with an intellectually weak argument. With all due respect, you are behaving like a traitor. For some reason you don’t  like a duly elected public official and now you are calling for armed rebellion, revolution, civil war. Indeed, you are dancing precariously close to the edge of commiting federal crimes with some of your more inflammatory statements.  With all due respect you are becoming an embarassment with your cries for revolt, unwarranted verbal assaults on anyone with a differing opinion, and your religious intolerance.

Name Changed to Protect the Guilty: In my opinion you crossed that line a long time ago by advocating for socialism and the nanny state. Unamerican.

Samuel Wynn Warde Do you really think it is appropriate to lob such insults at me on my own profile, Name Changed to Protect the Guilty? Do you have no class, no self-respect, no sense of decency?

This is really disheartening to see you so consumed with hatred that you would lash out with such venom against a friend you have known for decades.

You seem to lack the objectivity to remember that having varying opinions IS AMERICAN. Or did you forget our country was founded on principles such as free expression, the right to disagree?

Name Changed to Protect the Guilty: Politics are a dangerous subject, Sam. During that last Civil War brother fought brother, sons fought fathers, and life long friends killed each other over politics. It not just some intellectual exercise for your amusement. It’s a deadly serious business.

Our government no longer represents the best interests of the people. You have put all your faith in the State.

You don’t seem to mind insulting people either, Sam, don’t be a hypocrite on top of everything else.

Samuel Wynn Warde I simply tell the truth as I see it; that is not insulting someone. You are writing nonsense about me being un-American, being worse than a Muslim, being lower than a snake. Those kinds of insults are beneath your level of intellect. I expect better from you Name Changed to Protect the Guilty. The fact we are discussing politics does not mean you are free to engage in an insult fest merely because you disagree with me. The greatness of our country is in large part connected to our diversity and you should respect that very basic principle of American life.

Name Changed to Protect the Guilty: Diversity causes division. America was once the melting pot of the world but the leftist trumpets diversity and division, not unity. I do respect the American way of life, you’re the one that hates it and wants to change it into a socialist State.

The wheels are coming off the administration and this will be the year of scandal. I’ll be pretty happy if we see some resignations and an impeachment proceeding. Hopefully we will drive a stake through the heart of statism forever.

Go ahead and have the last word, Sam, it’s your wall, after all.

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