60 Reasons Why Americans Are Done With Rush Limbaugh (VIDEO)

Why Americans Are Done With Rush Limbaugh

Rush  Hudson Limbaugh III was born on Jan. 12, 1951 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and  for  three hours a day, five days a week, Rush Limbaugh spins racism,  misogyny, LBGT-hatred, lies and bigotry on our public radio. He seems to have no  filter, no common decency. Thankfully, we are seeing his reign coming to an end.  With each hateful word, Limbaugh is digging his hole deeper.

Just this week, Limbaugh referred to the refreshing bi-partisanship of  Governor Chris Christie and President Obama, as aMaster-Servant relationship, adding the phrase ‘drive-by’ media. His choice of words, though they, of course, smack of   racism, are only  a small example of what he has spewed over the  years. Today, he tried to sabotage a much-needed glimpse of unity in our  American political system. Rush Limbaugh is a malevolent stain on our country’s  media.

The good news: people are no longer ignoring him, thinking he’ll just fade  away. They know better and they are coming out in droves. There are petitions, boycott groups, and a database set up to monitor the sponsors that  are supporting his malignant commentary. Thousands of companies have pulled  their ads this past year. Given the surprising strength and resilience of  his protestors, and the great financial loss he is costing the radio industry,  his days are clearly numbered. And if Americans have their way, his day  can’t come too soon. Even Limbaugh’s own political party is embarrassed by him  and are distancing themselves from him more and more. Limbaugh is costing them  dearly in votes.

Here are examples of Rush Limbaugh bile from the last three decades.  Oh, there were hundreds, even thousands, to choose from. I may do several  sequels, but I don’t think he’ll be much to write about for long. Some of these  will shock you, some will amuse you, but many will sicken you. These are  my interpretations and, I’d say in most cases, I’m being  tame. Thanks to Media  Matters, his actual rants can be heard on audio, or read by text, using  the ‘Source’ link at the end of each line.

Now go grab an airsickness bag and get ready for take off. It’s going to  be a bumpy flight.

  1. He asked why no one was referring to convicted molester, Jerry Sandusky, as a “gay guy.” (!) Source
  2. He believes in the “sanctity” and “tradition” of marriage. He knows – he’s been married four times. Source
  3. He called children on assisted lunches “wanton little waifs and serfs.” Source
  4. He called Chris Christie/Obama’s healthy bipartisanship a “Master-Servant” relationship. Source
  5. He called global warning a “hoax.” Source
  6. He called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute” when she advocated for birth control. Source
  7. He called undocumented immigrants “invasive species,” “mollusks,” and “spermatozoa.” Source
  8. He compares gay marriage to pedophilia. Source
  9. He defended Joseph Kony, known for the murder/mutilation/torture/rape of 30,000 children in Uganda. Source
  10. He denies guns play any role in domestic violence fatalities. Source
  11. He dodged the draft due to a cyst on his butt – okay his ass. (You can’t make this up.) Source
  12. He does not think women should have insurance-covered birth control, but insurance for Viagra is okay. Source
  13. He has used paid callers, because to them, he is brilliant – like a ‘god!’ Source
  14. He joked about “pressure cookers” a day after Boston bombs killed and mutilated children and adults. Source
  15. He joked and ranted on about an alleged necrophilia law in Egypt. Source

  16. He linked Hawaii Five-O, welfare, Amanda Berry, kidnapped victims and Obama in one show. Source
  17. He linked lesbians with obesity and alcoholism and said they don’t need to care how they look. Source
  18. He mocked the Chinese president and the Chinese language, inciting racial threats. Source
  19. He mocked the cries of children afraid to die, as did those in the Sandy Hook massacre. Source
  20. He mocked the physical symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease and accused Michael J. Fox of faking his illness. Source
  21. He never served in the military yet called soldiers who supported Iraqi withdrawal “phony soldiers.” Source
  22. He promoted the myth that abortions cause cancer. Source
  23. He referenced black U.S. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, as a slave and asked “who was her owner?” Source
  24. He referred to a transgender as “Add-A-Dick-To-Me-Babe.” Source
  25. He referred to Amy Carter as the most unattractive presidential daughter in American history. Source
  26. He referred to U.S. guards torturing Iraqis as “having a good time” and “blowing off steam.” Source
  27. He said AIDS was caused by promiscuity and would not spread to heterosexuals. Source
  28. He said all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson. Source Source
  29. He said an abortion could be stopped if it occurred with a gun. Source
  30. He said deep down women actually hope for sexual harassment. Source
  31. He said feminism was created to allow ugly women a place in society. Source
  32. He said he hoped President Obama would fail in his presidency. Source
  33. He said he’d move to Costa Rica if Obamacare passed. Source
  34. He said illegal drug users should be ‘sent up’ and jailed. He served no jail time for his drug arrest. Source
  35. He said Mexican immigrants who enter illegally are unwilling to work. Source
  36. He said nicotine has not been proven to be addictive. Source
  37. He said Obama’s “regime” is “tribalizing” America. (Racism meets Nazism.) Source
  38. He said pro-choice advocates are disappointed when abortions don’t happen. Source
  39. He said same-sex marriage could lead to sex with a child. Source
  40. He said there was never a budget surplus under Bill Clinton. Source
  41. He said VAWA was created under the ‘guise’of women being beaten to a pulp. Source
  42. He said what women want, and need, could be discovered by observing his cat (gag alert). Source
  43. He said women live longer than men because their lives are easier. Source
  44. He said, “We need to call Guantanamo a Muslim resort.” (Sociopath) Source
  45. He sang “Barack The Magic Negro” to “Puff The Magic Dragon” (extremely racist audio). Source
  46. He says he’s the least racist host on radio. Source
  47. He sent an entire TV audience away after pro-choice protestors showed up. (Recommend Source.) Source
  48. He showed photos comparing Chelsea Clinton to a dog when she was 13-years-old. Source
  49. He stated that “no one ever said” there was a connection between 911 and Iraq. Source
  50. He suggested Hilary Clinton had Vince Foster murdered. (This should have taken him down.) Source
  51. He talked of a dream he had where he “made a woman” out of Hilary Clinton. Source
  52. He told a black female to take the bone out of her nose and call him back. Source
  53. He told Sandra Fluke he wanted her to videotape/post her sex online so he could watch. Source
  54. He used to go under the name of ‘Jeff Christie.’ He named himself ‘El Rushbo.’ Source
  55. He was busted in Missouri. Yes, there is a Limbaugh bust next to Mark Twain’s and Walter Cronkite’s. Source
  56. He was named “Worst Person In The World” by Keith Olbermann. Source
  57. He was named Media Matters’ “Misinformer Of The Year” in 2012. Source
  58. He was prevented from buying the St. Louis Rams because of his hate and racism. Source
  59. He’s called President Obama a thug. Source
  60. His third, of four marriages, was officiated by accused sexist, Justice Clarence Thomas. Source

After the Sandra Fluke attack, petitions, protests and boycotts began. Since  the FCC and Clear Channel refused to take action, the American consumers  took matters into their own hands. They used their greatest weapon – the “almighty dollar” – and refused to buy from Limbaugh’s sponsors. Nearly 2,700  sponsors have made public/private statements about pulling their Limbaugh  advertising. If you add in sponsors whose who left silently to avoid the bad  press and the wrath of Dittoheads, oneboycotter said the number of sponsoring who’ve pulled ads is closer to  3,500, adding some companies do return.

Here are some of the companies that have been the most  loyal to The Rush Limbaugh Show during 2012/2013:

 Lear Capitol, Lifelock, Stamps.com, Cox, Amberen, Safelite, 800GotJunk, 800DonateCars, Blinds.com, ProFlowers, 800Flowers,  Advance Auto Parts, Ageless Male, D&B Credibility, Total  Transformation, LegalZoom, Regus, SweetJack, Income At Home & iHeart  Radio.

To see what it’s all about, or to get involved, you can:

Sign: The Rush  Limbaugh/Clear Channel Petition 

Join: Boycott Rush Limbaugh Facebook  Group and FlushRush Fight Group

Visit: The  StopRush Database

The author, Leslie Salzillo, is a political commentator, activist,  diarist, and visual artist. Salzillo writes diaries in Daily Kos and began  contributing to Liberals Unite in June 2013.