Facts About Abortion The GOP Doesn’t Want You To Know

Rick Perry

Republicans like Texas Gov. Rick Perry use false claims about the reality of abortion in order to make it unavailable. It is still legal, but when a woman is unable to obtain the right granted to her by the Supreme Court, the fight for equality and privacy is lost, and the cheaters win.

They use TRAP laws  (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) as an excuse to close clinics that offer more than just abortion services. These clinics provide pap smears, cancer screenings, treat sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and provide birth control.

TRAP laws “single out the medical practices of doctors who provide abortions, and impose on them requirements that are different and more burdensome than those imposed on other medical practices. For example, such regulations may require that abortions be performed in far more sophisticated and expensive facilities than are necessary to ensure the provision of safe procedures. Compliance with these physical plant requirements may require extensive renovations or be physically impossible in existing facilities. TRAP laws may also allow unannounced state inspections, even when patients are present. These excessive and unnecessary government regulations – an ever-growing trend among state legislatures – increase the cost and scarcity of abortion services, harming women’s health and inhibiting their reproductive choices.”

When faced with no options to have safe and legal abortions, women turn to self-aborting or they take risks with someone who is not a doctor and can put a their lives at risk.

As we are seeing, when voters voice their opposition, GOP politicians change the rules to fit their personal agenda, break the law and refer to the voters as an ugly mob.

Guttmacher.org gives us the facts about abortion:

58% of abortion patients say they would have liked to have had their abortion earlier. Nearly 60% of women who experienced a delay in obtaining an abortion cite the time it took to make arrangements and raise money.

The risk of abortion complications is minimal: Fewer than 0.3% of abortion patients experience a complication that requires hospitalization.

Teens are more likely than older women to delay having an abortion until after 15 weeks of pregnancy, when the medical risks associated with abortion are significantly higher.

37% of women obtaining abortions identify as Protestant and 28% as Catholic

27% of women obtaining abortions have incomes between 100–199% of the federal poverty level.

42% of women obtaining abortions have incomes below 100% of the federal poverty level ($10,830 for a single woman with no children).

54% of women who have abortions had used a contraceptive method (usually the condom or the pill) during the month they became pregnant. Among those women, 76% of pill users and 49% of condom users report having used their method inconsistently, while 13% of pill users and 14% of condom users report correct use

46% of women who have abortions had not used a contraceptive method during the month they became pregnant. Of these women, 33% had perceived themselves to be at low risk for pregnancy, 32% had concerns about contraceptive methods, 26% had unexpected sex and 1% had been forced to have sex.

Kimberley-SM Kimberley A. Johnson (BIO) – A.K.A. The Anti Coulter is the author of The Virgin Diaries and an activist for women’s rights. Like her on Facebook, Twitter or friend her on FB HERE.


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Kimberley Johnson

Kimberley A. Johnson (BIO) is the author of AMERICAN WOMAN: The Poll Dance & The Virgin Diaries and an activist for women’s rights. Like her on Facebook, Twitter or follow her on FB
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