Men Need to Make our Decisions Because Pregnancy Makes Women Dumb(er) (VIDEO)


Ladies, we are a mess – ask any man. We are emotionally and intellectually ill-equipped to handle big decisions, especially if there is a fetus inside our womb. Thank goodness (does that word make God sound too feminine?) we have men like Ohio’s Governor John Kasich to help show us the error in our non-thinking ways. Who knows, maybe we’ll even learn to like having foreign objects inserted into our hoo hoos. Kasich would know. Now if only he would tell me what brand of tampons to buy.

Here’s the video:

Miranda Burbank is a political activist and a journalism school dropout. She is especially interested in social justice and in animal rights. When she’s not writing about greed and injustice, she’s dreaming of retiring to far-off destinations (as long as they have WiFi). You can also find her writing on the Bleeding Heart Social Misfit and follow her favorite Facebook pages.


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Wendy Gittleson

Wendy Gittleson

Wendy Gittleson is a political and corporate freelance writer. She’s the former senior editor for Addicting Info and a writer/editor for Liberals Unite, Restoring Sanity. Follow her on Facebook or on Twitter.
Wendy Gittleson