GUEST RANT: Oh Yeah? How about you shove that probe where the sun don’t shine!


Oh Yeah! How about you shove that probe where the sun doesn't shine!

Prepare to engage probe!

Item: A new law just signed by Governor Scott Walker will force women in Wisconsin to get invasive ultrasounds, whether they or their doctor want or think one is needed, prior to an abortion (see also: Virginia).

So…let me see if I got this right: … If your boss doesn’t think you should use birth control, based on his personal religious beliefs, he’s not required to pay for it. It’s a violation.

If you and your doctor don’t think you need a transvaginal ultra-sound based on the accepted standard of medical practice….oh, hush, you silly girl….now, just lay back….

TEXT SOURCE: Liberals Unite Facebook Page member Brian Sweet

Jim, I can't go any deeper.

Jim, I can’t go any deeper. The probe is already at full thrust!



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