Family Awarded $6.5 Million Three Years After Unarmed Man Was Shot Dead By Police, Without Warning


Doug Zerby (Photo Courtesy of Doug’s Family)

 This story took place three years ago in Belmont Shores, CA. A neighbor called 911 after seeing a strange man who appeared to be drunk and holding gun. The victim, Doug Zerby, 35, was visiting friends.

When the police arrived, they showered Zerby with bullets without speaking to him, or giving him any kind of warning. Police said Zerby allegedly pointed the hose head/nozzle at them and they thought he was pointing a gun. They added his behavior was consistent with someone about to shoot.

I would be tempted to believe the police on this, except the way the officer is demonstrating Zerby holding the hose, seems a bit ‘inconsistent’ with the behavior of someone – holding a hose.

The family of Doug Zerby was awarded $6.5 Million in a civil suit settlement, April 2013. This story is circulating the internet due to the recent Hawthorne story, where a man was arrested for taping a crime scene. As he was being arrested, his dog jumped out of the car to protect him, and was killed in front of the him. The officers chose not to use their Tazer or club, and shot the dog to death in a horrible manner.

Note: This story has been edited and updated.

For those unable to access video, here are video screen shots:





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