33 Of Rush Limbaugh’s Most Racist, Sexist, Vile Rants – And How To Help Stop Rush (Video)


For three hours a day, five days a week, ‘hate radio’ talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, spins racism, misogyny, LBGT-hatred, and bigotry on our public radio. He seems to have no integrity, no filter, and no common decency. Thankfully, we are seeing his reign coming to an end.  People are no longer ignoring him, thinking he’ll just fade  away. They know better, and they are coming out in droves.

There are petitions, boycott groups, and a StopRush Database that monitor Limbaugh sponsors and report those companies to boycott groups. Over 2800 sponsors have pulled ads this past year after hearing from boycotting consumers. Given the strength and resilience of these protestors, and the great financial loss Limbaugh is costing radio networks, his days are numbered no matter what he says. We all know Rush lies. Even many in Limbaugh’s own political party are distancing themselves from him. Limbaugh is a detriment to Republicans and costing them dearly in votes  – especially the female vote… which may have been the deciding factor in the 2012 elections.

Here are just 33 examples of Rush Limbaugh’s vile commentary, from over the last three decades. Thanks to Media Matters, thousands of his quotes have been documented on audio, video and text. Each listed, can be verified by opening the Source link at the end of each line. If you find it hard to stomach the list, check out the video. If that’s too much to stomach (I mean we all have to eat) fly down to the bottom to find out how easily you can help.

33 (of a thousand) Reasons Why Americans Are Winning The Rush Limbaugh Boycott

  1. He called children on assisted lunches “wanton little waifs and serfs.” Source
  2. He called Sandra Fluke a “slut” and “prostitute” when she advocated for birth control. Source
  3. He called undocumented immigrants “invasive species,” “mollusks,” and “spermatozoa.” Source
  4. He compared gay marriage to pedophilia. Source
  5. He denies guns play any role in domestic violence fatalities. Source
  6. He joked about “pressure cookers” a day after Boston Bombs. Source
  7. He linked lesbians with obesity and alcoholism. Source
  8. He mocked the Chinese president and the Chinese language, inciting racial threats. Source
  9. He mocked the cries of children afraid to die, as did those in the Sandy Hook massacre. Source
  10. He mocked and accused Michael J. Fox of faking his Parkinson Disease. Source
  11. He never served, yet called soldiers who supported Iraqi withdrawal “phony soldiers.” Source
  12. He promoted the myth that abortions cause cancer. Source
  13. He asked who was black lawmaker, Sheila Jackson Lee’s slave owner? Source
  14. He referred to a transgender as “Add-A-Dick-To-Me-Babe.” Source
  15. He referred to U.S. guards torturing Iraqis as “having a good time.” Source
  16. He said AIDS was caused by promiscuity and would not spread to heterosexuals. Source
  17. He said all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson. Source Source
  18. He said an abortion could be stopped if it occurred with a gun. Source
  19. He said deep down women actually hope for sexual harassment. Source
  20. He said feminism was created to allow ugly women a place in society. Source
  21. He said he hoped President Obama would fail in his presidency. Source
  22. He said illegal drug users should be ‘sent up.’. He never served time for his drug arrest. Source
  23. He said Mexican undocumented immigrants are unwilling to work. Source
  24. He said Obama’s “regime” is “tribalizing” America. (Racism meets Nazism.) Source
  25. He inferred pro-choice advocates want abortions to happen. Source
  26. He said same-sex marriage could lead to sex with a child. Source
  27. He said said he learned about women from his cat (gag alert). Source
  28. He said, “We need to call Guantanamo a Muslim resort.” (Sociopath) Source
  29. He sang “Barack The Magic Negro” to “Puff The Magic Dragon.” (very racist audio) Source
  30. He showed photos comparing Chelsea Clinton to a dog when she was 13-years-old. Source
  31. He suggested Hilary Clinton had Vince Foster murdered. Source
  32. He told Sandra Fluke he wanted her to videotape/post her sex online so he could watch. Source
  33. He told a black female to take the bone out of her nose and call him back. Source

(Video of Rush Limbaugh’s 3-Day Verbal Attack of Then Unknown Law Student Sandra Fluke)

Since the FCC, Clear Channel and Cumulus have refused to take action, American consumers have taken matters into their own hands. They are using their greatest weapon – their buying dollars – and we are refusing to put those dollars in the hands of Limbaugh’s sponsors. Thousands of sponsors have pulled advertising, and continue every day.

To join the cause against Rush Limbaugh and hate radio:

Sign: The Rush  Limbaugh/Clear Channel Petition 

Join: Boycott Rush Limbaugh Facebook  Group and FlushRush Fight Group

Visit: The  StopRush Database

There is a listening strike on all of Clear Channel and Cumulus Radio Stations. If you listen to any of the shows, please switch the station until Limbaugh is gone – and he will be gone. That includes iHeart Radio which is owned by Clear Channel.

Also per the Facebook group above, there is an iHeart Festival Boycott and outreach to performing artists like Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Drake, Elton John, Keith Urban, Paul McCartney… asking them not to perform, or at minimum, express their outrage to Clear Channel pressuring them to drop Rush Limbaugh.

We’re winning this. Yes, Limbaugh supposedly signed a new 3-year deal with Cumulus Radio. Those where his words on his show , which mean they don’t hold much that much weight. Cumulus’s is the same network that claimed Limbaugh was costing their company millions; This is the same network that said 48 or of 50 advertisers ask for ‘No Rush Limbaugh’ clauses when buying advertising; And this is the same network that  has yet to confirm his big deal. It really doesn’t matter. If Cumulus and Limbaugh jump back in bed together at the end of the year, American will bring Cumulus down as well. Why? Because we are the majority  – we are the ultimate boss. We’re fed up and we have zero tolerance for racism, sexism, and lgbt hate speech on our public radio. Money talks and it will bring Limbaugh, Cumulus, Clear Channel and hate radio down and down hard.


Leslie Leslie Salzillo is a pro-choice activist, Rush Limbaugh sponsor boycotter and political commentator. She began contributing to Liberals Unite in June of 2013.

Leslie Salzillo

Leslie Salzillo

Leslie Salzillo is a pro-choice mother, Rush Limbaugh boycotter, political commentator and visual artist. She began contributing to Liberals Unite in June of 2013. Join her on the new Facebook page, Pro-Choice Liberals.
Leslie Salzillo