GOP Boozing It Up on House Floor While Voting for 2013 Shutdown

House members Drunk

Maybe it was the alcohol, or the late hour, or maybe the House Republicans have just completely lost their minds. On Saturday night, while they were trying to come up with some kind of magic bullet to kill Obamacare, they decided that not only were they going to shut down the government, but now they have added a “conscience clause” to the spending bill which takes away preventative care from women, which includes birth control.

Under Obamacare rules, birth control is free with most providers, but apparently the House Repubs have decided that the reproductive rights of American women are better off in their control. Yeah, so basically the GOP is saying that it doesn’t want the government involved in your health care…unless it’s a birth control issue, of course.

And before you go thinking that this attack on women was the only outrageous thing they did Saturday night, hold on, I’m afraid I have more to report. Friday afternoon, Republican John Culberson from TX got huge applause from his colleagues when he compared the GOP’s effort to destroy Obamacare to the heroes of 9/11. Culberson compared the House Repubs to the passengers on United Flight 93 who overtook the terrorists and got control of the plane on 9/11. Yes, Seriously.

And all of this was BEFORE they started drinking! As the evening wore on, reporters on the House floor were tweeting about the smell of booze in the room and obnoxious behavior more and more. Now, we all would expect that sort of thing from Boehner. I mean, come on, it was Saturday night, he’s John Boehner, of course he would be drunk….and orange. But I must admit that even I am a bit shocked that the others were hitting the bottle.


Seriously, I believe that we are watching what very well could be the implosion of a major political party before our very eyes. I predict they will wake up Sunday morning, very hung over, saying, “Oh shit! What the hell did we do last night!”

But at that point I don’t really see them fixing any of this mess they’ve created because the truth is, no one seems to be steering this ship. Well, no one sane anyway!!


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