Iraq War Veteran Brutalized And Arrested For Playing Banjo In Protest Of Military Action In Syria (VIDEO)

aarom7An Iraq war veteran. Emily Yates, was peacefully protesting U.S. military action against Syria in a public park when she was aggressively arrested by several male policemen.

You can hear Yates on the video asking why she wasn’t able to play her banjo in Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

After they exchanged words for several minutes, you see the officers grab her, manhandle her and cuff her.

Yates starts screaming, “We live in a police state. We live in a f*cking police state! They’re damaging my body and my personal property! I went to war for this country! Stop manhandling me! Stop! Stop! Help! Help!”

After several minutes of discussion, two officers bent Yates over a park bench and handcuffed her.

The Emily Yates Defense Fund webpage reported:

“While she was busy playing a song, park rangers accosted her. When she demanded an explanation for their aggression, they pinned her onto a park bench and dragged her off to an undisclosed location,” according to the website. “We are not being told where she is being held and she has not been allowed any communication with the outside world.”

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