Italian Lawmakers Stage Same-Sex Kissing Session In Protest Of LGBT Discrimination (VIDEO)

During an Italian parliamentary debate, a group of Italian lawmakers stood up, grabbed the same-sex politicians nearest them (or held up a sign), and showed the world what time it was. They engaged in a kissing/hugging session to support the expansion of  anti-discrimination to include LGBT. The measure passed in the Chamber of Deputies, but is not expected to pass in the Senate of the Republic. This is how these politicians showed their support for change. Some ministers posted online. Federica Daga posted a photo of the protest on Twitter writing:

“Equal rights and dignity without gender. Because a kiss and a hug are not scary.”

I smile, as I see the world changing for the better each day. There will always be very bad news – horrible news. It’s important to embrace the good when we see it, and this is good. Stories like this give hope and strength to forge ahead. Well done, Italy.

Leslie Leslie Salzillo is an activist, Rush Limbaugh boycotter, political commentator and visual artist. She began contributing to Liberals Unite in June of 2013. Join her on the new Facebook page, Pro-Choice Liberals.