President Carter To Pen Book – His View On Women In Atheist Countries May Surprise You (VIDEOS)


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“I am convinced that discrimination against women and girls is one of the world’€™s most serious, all-pervasive and largely ignored violations of basic human rights,€ Mr. Carter, 88, wrote in the his book proposal, adding: It is disturbing to realize that women are treated most equally in some countries that are atheistic or where governments are strictly separated from religion.”€ ~ Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States

America’s much loved Jimmy Carter, former U.S. president, author, and international peacemaker, has announced he is writing a book about the mistreatment of women worldwide. Given the history of violence towards women around the globe, including rape, domestic abuse, child marriage, genital mutilation and human trafficking, having a great man like Jimmy Carter take on these issues can only be a good thing.

Here is a short video of Jimmy Carter earlier this year speaking about the impact religion has played upon the treatment of women throughout the world.

Transcript of above video:

The elders are a group of distinguished leaders from around the world geographically, and we include in our group, people who are Muslim, Hindus, Protestant of the Catholic and Protestant faith. We’ve spent a year or two trying to analyze the basic causes of violations of women’s rights, and one of the conclusions we have reached is that it’s the practice of religion that is the basic cause of the foundation of excuse for the other abuses; where women are deprived of an equal right to serve God. And where they are treated as subordinates or inferiorpeople. And this example set by religions leaders gives an excuse to other dominant males to persecute, or abuse, or deprive women of their justifiable rights. This is a question that has never been publicly discussed before, and the Elders help this will arouse and interest in the world in trying to seek corrections made to religions themselves to set an example for full rights for all women.”

June 28, 2103, Jimmy Carter spoke to the group of leaders at the Carter Center. In this 20-minute video he talks more in detail about the abuses of women, while offering solutions:

Such an incredibly admirable man. Mr. Carter has been unjustly criticized over the years for the way he handled the economy and the Iranian Hostage Crisis, when Ayatollah Khomeini was in power. I have always trusted President Carter made the most sound decisions possible, in order to keep the hostages alive, and to keep America out of a war. As for the economy, many believe Mr. Carter refused to jump into bed with the oil companies, and he paid dearly for his integrity.

President Jimmy Carter is finally being honored and revered throughout the world, for his amazing diplomacy and peacemaking activism. His continuous advocacy for women’s rights benefit us all – especially our daughters and sons. How we raise our sons to view and treat women, will be a defining factor in the advancement of equality.

I will be one of the first in line to buy President Carter’s new book, and  believe history will prove him to be one of our greatest presidents, and one of your greatest world leaders.


Sources: NY Times and Liberals Unite, Photo:

Leslie Leslie Salzillo is an activist, Rush Limbaugh boycotter, political commentator and visual artist. She began contributing to Liberals Unite in June of 2013. Join her on the new Facebook page, Pro-Choice Liberals.




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Leslie Salzillo

Leslie Salzillo

Leslie Salzillo is a pro-choice mother, Rush Limbaugh boycotter, political commentator and visual artist. She began contributing to Liberals Unite in June of 2013. Join her on the new Facebook page, Pro-Choice Liberals.
Leslie Salzillo