Radio Station In Red State Dumps Rush Limbaugh For Rock Music – Oh Hell Yes! (Updated)

This is delicious. Yes, you read it right. Hate-radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, has been ousted from a station in the very RED state of North Dakota and replaced with rock music. Fargo’s Talk 101.9 FM added conservative talk radio in the spring of 2012 because it was so popular. They switched back to Rock 102 September 8, after listeners rebelled – and ratings tanked (put intended). Is this a sign of things to come? Let’s hope so.

It has not been a short or easy transition. Just weeks after Rush Limbaugh’s attack on Sandra Fluke in 2012, WFGO joined the hate parade and switched from music to angry, hateful, racist, homophobic, misogynist Rush Limbaugh. The listeners were not happy. According to Mike McFeely at KFGO it was a bitter pill for the Rock 102 fans to swallow for a good while.

Despite the adamant protests of Rock 102’s passionate fans, including the creation of a “Bring Back Rock 102” Facebook page,” Rock 102 entered a year and a half period of conservative talk programming which will be forever referred to as “in Limbaugh.”

The people ultimately won and got their station back. Not only did they prove their strength in protest, they proved Rush Limbaugh was, is, and will always be the wrong choice, ethically and business-wise. You can’t deny these figures:

According to the latest Arbitron ratings from the Spring 2013 book, Talk 101.9 FM (whose lineup included Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity), ranked 13th in the Fargo-Moorhead market with a 1.7 share among listeners 12+ For comparison, the top-ranked station in Fargo-Moorhead is KFGO, which received a 15.5 share 12+.

Speaking of victories, the public’s battle against Rush Limbaugh and hate radio has caused over 2800 sponsors to pull ads from his show. This has to do with hundreds of thousands of people around the country protesting, making contact with sponsors, petitioning and boycotting. These everyday people, volunteers and activists in BoycottRush, FlushRush, and groups are changing the mark of radio. Many thanks to all those who are participating. Here are simple ways to help/support/join:

Join/Visit: BoycottRushFacebook Group (68k+ followers)

Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor & Clear Channel Petition

Visit: The StopRush Database (extensive list of sponsors)

There are many great groups that help support the boycotts/protests. Some of them includeMedia MattersUniteWomen.orgOne Million Pissed-Off WomenDaily Kos, Being Liberal, Addicting Info, NOWPolitical Loudmouth, and Liberals Unite.

Sources: KFGO, Liberals Unite, and special thanks to Paul L. and Freya.

Update: Although, Rush Limbaugh was dropped from 101.9, a new update reveals Limbaugh is due to re-emerge on another AM radio station in Fargo. The news is still good, and here’s why. According to the Flag Family Facebook Page, Laura Ingraham is being booted from her spot due to the Limbaugh switch in stations. Some find her worse than Limbaugh. The shows are being moved around, so something is not working. Either way, we can embrace the fact that Limbaugh’s rating  greatly dropped  according to Arbitron above. Their figures are respected throughout the industy. We look forward to this being a continuing trend nationwide.

Leslie Leslie Salzillo is an activist, Rush Limbaugh boycotter, political commentator and visual artist. She began contributing to Liberals Unite in June of 2013. Join her in the new Facebook page, Pro-Choice Liberals.

Leslie Salzillo

Leslie Salzillo

Leslie Salzillo is a pro-choice mother, Rush Limbaugh boycotter, political commentator and visual artist. She began contributing to Liberals Unite in June of 2013. Join her on the new Facebook page, Pro-Choice Liberals.
Leslie Salzillo