I Almost Feel Bad For RNC Chairman After This Smackdown!!….Almost.

This is truly one of the greatest smackdowns on Reince Priebus I have seen. MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts grilled him Thursday afternoon about the Repubs holding the country hostage over Obamacare.

Priebus, who became visibly irritated, said that the Repubs were fighting for all Americans who hate Obamacare. He stated, “Have you been watching the news?” in reference to the long hold times and glitches being reported with the online exchanges. “At the very least, at this moment, Obamacare’s not ready for prime time.”

As the interview continued Priebus got even more angry and flustered and seemed to be completely unable to defend his own party’s actions to the MSNBC news anchor. Watching this smackdown, I almost felt sorry for the RNC chairman….almost.

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Mindy Fischer

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