Kellogg’s Looking Not So ‘GRRREAT’ – Employee Troubles In Memphis (VIDEO)

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee
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Several hundred Kellogg’s plant employees in Memphis, TN, have been locked out of their jobs this week – literally locked out with chains on the doors. The reason? During union negotiations, Kellogg’s is reportedly crying a bit of poverty and has changed policies which will make many full-time employees become part-time, causing some to lose medial and retirement benefits.


“Since Sept. 17, 2013, Kellogg and the BCTGM Union have met on 13 different occasions to negotiate a supplemental contract in Memphis, which covers the approximately 220 hourly Memphis plant employees. After weeks at the bargaining table, the Union – regrettably – has indicated they are not willing to agree to the Company’s key proposals. On Tuesday, Oct. 15, they informed the Company that they were done negotiating over those key proposals, and left the table.

The contract expired at 12:01 a.m. on Oct. 20, 2013. Reaching a fair and competitive contract is a critical factor in the future success of the Memphis plant. On Oct. 16, Kellogg made the tough decision to inform the Union of its intent to implement a lockout. If an agreement is not reached by contract expiration, Kellogg implemented a lockout at the Memphis plant at 7 a.m. on Oct. 22.

The Company remains available to meet with the Union and address any concerns – or answer any questions – in and effort to reach an agreement on Kellogg’s Last/Best Offer, or to consider any proposals that the Union would make.”


Kris Charles, Kellogg Company spokesperson
Corporate Communications

One union employee says,

“Kellogg’s is doing well. They bought Pringles for $2.8 billion cash. This is just corporate greed.”

Being out of work several days, some employees are reportedly already filing for unemployment. Kellogg’s claims they are committed to working things out.

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