Rand Paul Attacks Rachel Maddow for Plagiarism Claim… And Rachel Strikes Back

On Monday Rachel Maddow did a story showing how Rand Paul gave a speech directly plagiarizing Wikipedia. By Tuesday, many other media sources picked up the story and uncovered that Monday actually wasn’t the first time Paul has done this. Tuesday night Maddow ran a second story, again showing how Paul was directly lifting his speeches straight from Wikipedia pages.

After two days of total silence from the Rand Paul camp about this, he finally gave an interview on Fusion TV, where he sort of answered the plagiarism charges. But, mostly what his answer showed is that Paul has no idea what plagiarism means. He also lashed out and attacked Rachel Maddow. So, Wednesday night Maddow did a third story on this, and she answered back in fantastic form…as only Rachel can do.

Here’s Wednesday night’s segment….

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Mindy Fischer

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