Rush Limbaugh: NFL Pink Is An ‘Attack On Masculinity’ – ‘And I’m An A$$HOLE’ (Audio)

No, he didn’t say he was an asshole. He doesn’t have to…

Gurgling, spouting, spewing, Rush Limbaugh once again offends, insults, and shocks. Saying he ‘shocks’ is an over-statement, as most of us are pretty used to his vile commentary. He totally ignores the reason for pink and breast cancer awareness.

Limbaugh: “You don’t put the NFL in pink for a month!” “I don’t think that there’s any question that there’s an attack on masculinity and it’s not new. It’s the modern feminism era that’s what it is, it’s the critique against masculinity,” he added.

With no filter – Rush Limbaugh couldn’t care less about breast cancer or the number of women and men who die from the disease every year. And God forbid Rush Limbaugh find out October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. He would have a heyday with that. He’s a sick man.

American public radio was not created for billionaires and big corporations to pad the pockets of puppets like Limbaugh to fill the airwaves with misinformation, hate, racism, sexism, and homophobic bigotry. Every day, consumers and citizens have been rising up against Rush Limbaugh via protests, petitions – and sponsor boycotts. We can’t stop the Kochs from keeping Limbaugh on the air – We can let his sponsors know we will not buy from companies that sponsor/support hate mongers. The results have been good. Thousands of sponsors have left.

At some point, public radio will lose enough business and ratings to drop Limbaugh for good. It will happen, if people keep doing what they are doing. Here are ways  to fight back:

Join/Visit: BoycottRushFacebook Group 

Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor & Clear Channel Petition

Visit: The StopRush Database

Use Buycott AppStopRush

Some of the great groups that help to support the protests and boycotts include

Media MattersUniteWomen.orgOne Million Pissed-Off WomenLiberals UniteDaily Kos, Being Liberal, Liberal America, 1 Million Sluts Against Rush LimbaughAddicting Info, NOW, and Political Loudmouth.

Ultimately, good prevails over the evil. Ultimately, Americans will prevail in taking down Rush Limbaugh and hate radio.

Leslie Leslie Salzillo is an activist, Rush Limbaugh boycotter, political commentator and visual artist. She began contributing to Liberals Unite in June of 2013. Join her on the new Facebook page, Pro-Choice Liberals.