Now Michele Bachmann Is Pretending To Be A Victim Of Obamacare? (VIDEO)

Michele (any lie for a headline) Bachmann put herself back into the news cycle by making the ridiculous claim on Thursday’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, that her insurance has been cancelled and that because the Affordable Care Act website is glitchy, her husband, with a preexisting condition, will be without insurance.

If you recall, just a couple of months ago, one of the major anti-Obamacare talking points was that Congress didn’t have to buy into the exchanges. Now, she has no one to blame but her own Republican party for the fact that she’s being booted off her employer-paid health insurance and well, she is too lazy busy to spend an extra hour or two on

But here’s the kicker. Bachmann has no need to go on, ever. In fact, it would do her no good. Both Washington, DC, where she claims she’d sign up, and her home state of Minnesota have their own exchanges.

400px-Dog_Paw Rant of the Week (or so):Recently, I was called a “moocher” by more than one Republican (who claims to be an independent). Despite the fact that I work about 80 hours a week (for myself), I still qualify for tax credits under the Affordable Care Act. I’m not ashamed to say, I love Obamacare, although I wish there was Medicare for all.
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Wendy Gittleson

Wendy Gittleson

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Wendy Gittleson