Another Right-Winger Duped By The Onion


Conservatives and satire don’t really mix. In fact, it would be tough to post all the examples in this article, but there are enough that we shouldn’t be horribly surprised to learn that a Vice Mayor in (you got it) Arizona thought this over-the-top Onion eulogy of Westboro Baptist’s Fred Phelps was real.

The satirical eulogy, which credited Phelps with “forever ending the gay rights movement in America” and said, “according to biographers and historians, many of the facets of modern-day society that we now take for granted—such as the ban on gay marriage in all 50 states and the inability of homosexuals to serve in the military—can be traced back to Phelps’ vocal public crusades against the unholy practice of homosexuality, which he began in 1991 and which quickly succeeded in bringing efforts to expand LGBT rights to a spectacular and abrupt halt.”

It doesn’t take a very discerning reader to see that Phelps accomplished none of that and that the march for gay rights is stronger than ever (hence the homophobes fighting harder than ever). But, apparently, Maricopa, AZ’s Vice Mayor, Edward Farrell, is not a discerning reader. Today, he’s doing his mea culpas after posting the satire as real on his Facebook page.

It seems that Farrell’s love for the man who picketed funerals of soldiers is undying. After posting The Onion article, he said, “We need more Fred Phelps in this world. May you rest in peace sir.”

When a commenter asked if he was kidding, Farrell responded:

“No, I’m not kidding!” Farrell replies. “This world needs to get back to the biblical standards that our God made for us. This guy was not afraid to preach it, and I respect that.”

As the Facebook friend continues to question Farrell, the vice mayor shares, “I am just having a hard time with all of this (sic) gay and lesbian rights thing. It has never been an issue until these kind of people made it an issue.”

Source: Maricopa Monitor

Of course, like all homophobes, he thinks he’s like irresistible vanilla candy (is that a thing?) to gay men, claiming he was traumatized by someone taking his picture in health club shower. He alleges the employee who took the picture was fired. I could make my own allegations here, but I’ll resist.

Now that he’s been shown as a fool, he’s claiming he didn’t really know who Phelps was.

“I had no idea who this Phelps guy was, I had no idea about the publication the Onion,” Farrell told the Monitorin a phone conversation Tuesday afternoon. “I was just simply scrolling down my news feed and saw this article.”

Initially, Farrell thought Phelps was just a Kansas-based minister, rather than the instigator of protests at U.S. soldiers’ funerals.

“I had no clue about this guy; he’s an idiot,” Farrell said. “I can’t believe that I posted what I posted…shame on me.”

Source: Maricopa Monitor

Once again, the onus is on Arizona for electing these people.

200736_1932777006122_5018263_n Wendy Gittleson is a political and corporate freelance writer. She’s the former senior editor for Addicting Info and a writer/editor for Liberals Unite, Restoring Sanity and the satire site, Nine Inch News. Follow her on Facebook or on Twitter.
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Wendy Gittleson

Wendy Gittleson

Wendy Gittleson is a political and corporate freelance writer. She’s the former senior editor for Addicting Info and a writer/editor for Liberals Unite, Restoring Sanity. Follow her on Facebook or on Twitter.
Wendy Gittleson