" /> Sarah Palin: 'Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists' (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin: ‘Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists’ (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin

This weekend, former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin took time to explain her vision of how  U.S. counter-terrorism policy would change if she were president.

During an appearance at the NRA’s Annual Meeting on Saturday in Indianapolis, Palin promoted the use of torture to obtain information stating:

“Now I do have to apologize for that. I am sorry. Not all intolerant, anti-freedom, leftist liberals are hypocrites. I’m kidding – yes, they are.

And they are not right policies that poke our allies in the eyes and coddles adversaries instead of putting the fear of God in our enemies. Come-on. Enemies who would utterly anihilate America.

They obviously have information on plots that would carry out Jihad. Oh, but you can’t offend them. Can’t make them feel uncomfortable. Not even a smidgeon.

Well, if I were in charge, they would know that water boarding is how we baptize terrorists.

The clip below is modified to play the above quote, but you can click anywhere on the timeline to be able to view the entire speech.


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