AMAZING! Orangutan Asks Girl For Help in Sign Language (VIDEO)


Imagine for a moment what animals might have to say to us if they could speak. This orangutan does not fully grasp the global implications of this video’s message, but its importance is undeniable.

This video was created by Last Stand of the Orangutan, part of the Rain Forest Action Network.  According to their website, “Since it was founded in 1985, the Rainforest Action Network has been working to protect rainforests and the human rights of those living in and around those forests.”

Collective Evolution writes: “Just imagine what all other animals would say if they could speak to the human race. This encourages us to begin thinking outside of our own lives and realizing the impact we make on the earth and animal kingdom as well.”

“Now is our window of opportunity to change the world, there are many things the human race needs to accomplish if it wishes to move forward, and one of them is creating a way of life that is harmonious with the planet and all life upon it.”

Accompanying the video, is this grave warning:

RAN teamed up with Free Range Studios to produce this 2 minute video to launch The Last Stand of the Orangutan: The Power is in Your Palm – a new national campaign exposing the US snack food industry for putting Conflict Palm Oil into the food products we buy everyday.

After watching and taking action at, please share this video far and wide to help us achieve the greatest impact possible.

Palm oil is found in roughly half the products sold in grocery stores and its production is now one of the leading causes of rainforest destruction worldwide. It is the single biggest threat driving orangutans toward extinction and is responsible for widespread human rights violations including displacement of Indigenous Peoples, land conflicts with forest dependent communities, and forced and child labor.

On top of that, deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, where palm oil is grown, is pushing more carbon pollution into earth’s atmosphere each year than all the cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships in the United States combined. In fact, due to deforestation, Indonesia has the third largest greenhouse gas emissions behind China and the United States.

But we can do something about it!

The most popular and influential snack food companies using Conflict Palm Oil, dubbed the “Snack Food 20” by RAN, control some of America’s most well known household brands including Pepsi, Heinz, Hershey’s, Kraft and Smuckers. They spend millions a year to instill brand loyalty and trust in their customers – us – and they really care what we think. It is crucial that these companies hear from you right now. Tell them that you will not stand for Conflict Palm Oil in your food. Together we can convince these brands to take action and change the destructive way Conflict Palm Oil is grown.

Learn much more, upload your photo, and join RAN’s Palm Oil Action Team at

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