Palin’s Pathetic Plea For A ‘Pistol-Packing Mama’


As we reported in March, Joni Ernst, a GOP Senate candidate from Iowa warns that she grew up on a farm, has castrated hogs, and your pork (spending) is next on the chopping block!

In an ad titled “Squeal,” Iowa state Sen. Joni Ernst tells big pork spenders they’d better watch out. [see: GOP Candidate Says ‘Castration’ Gives Her Conservative Credentials (VIDEO)]

“I’m Joni Ernst. I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm so when I get to Washington, I’ll know how to cut pork.”

Fasten your seat belt as we present Sarah Palin’s Facebook pitch for this Iowa Tea Party Darlin’…

Watch this pistol-packing mama shake it up in Washington when good Iowans send her there to do the people’s work! It’s going to be great. Joni Ernst is a wife, mother, soldier; a farm girl who castrates hogs (the DC establishment won’t know what to do with her! Good. It’s about time!) AND the icing on the cake is she also rides a Hog! Joni Ernst will keep the shiny side up for America. [emphasis added]

Don’t believe us? Check out her post, below, followed by Teabillette Joni Ernst’s latest campaign ad:

Shot: Give conservative, mom, farm girl and Lt. Colonel, Joni Ernst, a shot!

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