Rabid Conservative Attacks Folk Music and Obama On My Facebook Wall


Most of you have met my friend, NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, by now.

[If not, you can see him in action in part 1 of this series, You ever get sick and tired of the rabid hatred from conservatives on Facebook? and in part 2, ‘I hate you effing Statists, and Socialists’ – Tangling With A Rabid Facebook Conservative. ]

NAME CHANGED…. is a childhood friend I have known for well over thirty years now who, for some unknown reason (that is until today), keeps me around as a friend on Facebook.

He loves to go on about us “effing statists,” and “treasonous lefties,” frequently suggesting we take the advise of leading conservatives and “self-deport.” (Of course, this is in spite of the fact that most – or all – of us were born in the good ole U.S. of A.).


This time he is provoked by a post with a Cat Stevens video, going off about extreme fundamentalist folk music and our “atheist communist” president.



Watch as the usual NAME CHANGED…. hate-fest plays out…

Great singer. A couple of great impromptu versions of a classic….

Brandon W: This is amazing.

Samuel Wynn Warde: Yeah, it was a great find, Brandon W.


Brandon W: Very cool that he’s a Muslim!

Samuel Wynn Warde: What difference does that make, NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY?

NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY: Islam is not compatible with a free society and really has no place in America. I could go on but that should rile you all up just fine.

You think Christianity was oppressive, just wait.

Samuel Wynn Warde: Neither are Southern Baptists or other southern fundamentalists we grew up around… What you are talking about, NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, is religious fanaticism/extremism not Islam, per se. [Do you know why Southern Baptists never screw standing up? It leads to dancing. LOL]

Brandon W: Islamic extremists are no different than extreme right-wing, so-called Christian ones. I’ll leave it right there.

NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY: I am well aware of you anti-Christian views, Sam.

For years no one really understood why Cat Stevens walked away from a stellar career, but it turns out that it was pressure from his islamic brothers that perverted is mine and turned him into a muslim fundamentalist.

Talk about a war on women, Sam, (that’s your thing, right). Islam completely subjugates it’s women no matter where they are. Look what they are doing in Europe, Africa, and Australia.

You are one of the biggest dips hits I have ever encountered, Sam.

NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY: The reason I keep you around is to remind myself that intelligence (you are intelligent) and wisdom do not necessarily go hand in hand.

Samuel Wynn Warde: I am not anti-Christian in the slightest NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY. As to a stellar career, Cat Stephens clearly hasn’t walked away from one, as evidenced by the videos I posted tonight of him performing years after his conversion. Getting back to Islam, not all members of that faith subjugate its women, but I certainly frown upon that kind of behaviour. But again, I see the same sort of subjugation within southern fundamentalist groups as well as other religions besides Islam.

Watt B: Loved his performance at the R and R Hall of Fame ceremony.

Samuel Wynn Warde: The reason I keep you around, NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY, is to remind me that there are many ways to interpret the same set of facts, that life is truly a subjective experience.


Samuel Wynn Warde: But Watt B, you forget that Cat Stevens was forced into retirement by Islam fundamentalists as NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY pointed out above. Cat Stevens hasn’t performed since December 1977 when he converted….

Watt B: He was just inducted into the RR Hall of Fame and performed live. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ACx-F3-dFKs

Samuel Wynn Warde: Wrong – Watt B., that is done with mirrors created by Islamic Kenyan Nazi socialists out to destroy the very essence of the USA by offering health care to its citizens…. you silly wabbit….

Adam S: Repressive? Christian-wise:
science, philosophy, art, economy (here referencing the perverse prosperity doctrineers), decency…just getting warmed up.

NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY: Here’s the difference, Sam. A southern baptist can walk away from his faith with no consequences. There is no such thing as an openly moderate muslim or an openly agnostic or atheist muslim in a muslim country. A muslim cannot convert and expect to survive in a muslim country or even within a muslim community in the West. It’s impossible. It’s a death sentence.

How many years was Cat Stevens completely gone from the scene? Was it 20 years or more? What were his reasons for reemerging?

Muslim women have been killed for being to Western right here in America! Non-muslim women are raped in Western nations for not being muslim and the muslims don’t even seeing it as being a crime.

Islam is a cancer. It is a festering tumor to be excised.

You leftists are so confused about the reality of Islam it’s ridiculous.

Islam was founded by an insane, murdering, thieving, child rapist.

Let me ask this, if push came to shove which group would you chose to live amongst? The Baptists who might frown on you if they don’t see you in church on Sunday or the group that will make damn sure you are on your feet five times a day?

Adam S: Warning: NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY questions the president’s Christianity and citizenship.

NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY: Obama is not a Christian! At best he’s an atheist communist. I wonder if he’ll ever own up to it?

Adam S: We have a winner!

NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY: The American people are the losers on this one, Adam.

NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY: Also, Adam, he was known to be a foreign exchange student so he was either lying then or he’s lying now. Not one person at Columbia Law School remembers him. Figure that shit out.

The dems are turning on him. Hopefully he’ll be impeached soon.

Watt B.: Wasn’t this thread originally about a folk singer?

NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY: It was, until I high jacked it and few it into the twin towers. Sorry. Thanks for playing.

Adam S: Can I debunk NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE GUILTY quickly? Friend and roommate Sohale Siddiqi, roommate Phil Boerner, and Michael L. Baron, who taught the year-long honors seminar in American Foreign Policy that Barack Obama took during his senior year at Columbia, all remember him and talked about him on record in media interviews.

Now back to the folk singer who I first heard in the early seventies in the back of my parents AMC Hornet. Thanks for playing [the Cat Stevens 8 track, Dad]

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