Sarah Palin: Let Me Tell You What I See From My House


Dear Sarah Palin,

Usually, I’ll read about some things you said and laugh. I’m not laughing today. The reason I’m not laughing today, Sarah, is that I’m a young woman who actually cares about my country. I care about the next generation of leaders, and I want them to have more role models in the political arena that inspire them, not more clowns for them to laugh at. I want them to have advocates who will fight for them, not more attention-seeking snake oil salespeople.

You tweeted on Monday, “Look who fired the 1st shot in the real ‘war on women. Hint: it wasn’t the GOP. See this excerpt from Hillary’s book.” The excerpt from Hilary Clinton’s book describes a situation in which she felt uncomfortable making a statement questioning the legitimacy of your selection as John McCain’s running mate as an attempt to use a woman to appeal to women voters. Really? You think this was the “first shot” in the war on women? You don’t think women have had to fight for every right we currently have, every opportunity we have? You don’t think women must continue to fight for these rights and opportunities which are constantly under attack? Well, let me tell you what I see from my house, Sarah. You’re the one who is fighting a war here, not just on women but on justice, enlightenment, and freedom.

When you spoke at CPAC, you declared that a culture war had been won against “perpetual panties-in-a-wad people” because a homophobe marketing himself as a redneck didn’t lose his job on a reality TV show. Well, let’s talk about our panties, shall we? There was a time not too long ago when women only had one choice when it came to their panties. Now, opening the underwear drawer can provide an endless array of colors and styles. I think it’s past time that you choose to put your big girl panties on and stop defending the ridiculous, perpetuating false attacks on our president and appearing at Tea Party rallies holding your hand over your heart. That’s not politics, it’s pandering. You, Sarah, are pandering to the lowest common denominator instead of trying to promote reasonable discourse and the across-the-aisle approach to policy that the majority of Americans want.

You seem to think women like me are “cheap dates” who are going let anyone in their panties who says what they want to hear. That would be the people you’re pandering to, Sarah. That would be the people who think the 2nd Amendment means carrying an assault rifle into Target. That would be the extremists who cover the bodies of their victims with “Don’t Tread on Me” flags. That would be the people who threaten women with rape for speaking out on the issues.

The future of this country deserves better. I deserve leadership who, regardless of whether or not I agree with their policy positions, is capable of conducting themselves with dignity. I deserve leaders who, when attacking the positions of their opponents, attack them with the truth. This nation deserves leaders who work to expand the opportunities and rights of all Americans and who don’t contribute to tragic outcomes for our fellow citizens.

I’ve tried very hard to find something to admire about you. The struggle was real. I do admire that our country has come so far that you and I as women have the opportunity to speak out and engage in the political sphere. Even though I disagree with your positions and methods, I admire you for using the opportunity so many women who came before us have fought for us to have. I don’t know how far I will choose to pursue my career in the political sphere, but it would be pretty cool to come out the way you did at CPAC with some music playing before my speech. You chose, “She’s Country.” This is my choice, and I hope the youth of this nation will continue to join their voices and sing so loudly we eventually drown out the voices of ignorance, greed, and intolerance.


Madison Kimrey

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Madison Kimrey

Madison Kimrey

Madison Kimrey is a student, actress, writer and teen activist who fights for LGBT rights, humane treatment of animals, women’s rights and promotes youth activism and participation in democracy. Follow her other blog, Functional Human Being
Madison Kimrey