Colorado And Washington Blast Marijuana Users In ‘Stoned Driving’ PSAs (VIDEOS)


Colorado and Washington are combating rising levels of “stoned driving” in a series of serious, but sarcastic public service announcements.

As UPI reports, law enforcement officials are seeing a significant number of marijuana-related DUI arrests in the six months since recreational use of the herb was legalized.

Denver detox facility Arapahoe House said 15 percent of its patients were arrested for driving high on marijuana, nearly double the number at this same time in 2013.
“This percentage increase is significant because recreational marijuana legalization is in its infancy, and there has clearly already been an impact on public safety,” Art Schut, president and CEO of Arapahoe House, said in a statement.
“Our hope is that this new data will create awareness so that if Coloradans choose to use marijuana, they do not get behind the wheel.”

Concerned these statistics are not convincing enough to keep marijuana users from driving, the Colorado and Washington Departments of Transportation hopes these new PSAs will.



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