White Gun Nuts To Carry Weapons Through Black Neighborhood

So it seems that the open carry gun nuts feel that they just haven’t pushed the envelope far enough lately. I mean, freaking out diners and latte drinkers and then walking through the baby aisles of Target carrying their loaded AR-15s just didn’t get their adrenalin flowing like they’d hoped apparently.

So the Houston chapter of Open Carry Texas has decided to do a walk through a black neighborhood in Houston carrying their assault weapons and handguns. Because what could possibly go wrong there??

The group actually had originally planned this march for last Sunday. It was scheduled to take place right after the Juneteenth celebration.

But according to the event organizers, the date had to be moved because of a conflict with another open carry event going on across town. Oh but fret not, because the march by these white gun nuts through the predominantly black neighborhoods will still go on later this month.

Now one of the sorta funny things about this story is that evidently these open carry groups are realizing that their image pretty much sucks. And how exactly can you fix your image problem when your main objective is to walk around carrying loaded guns in an effort to scare the shit out of properly adjusted Americans?? Well, you say that you are part of a church group doing charitable work, that’s how!

You see, this Houston gun group has been making the claim that their plan to march through the black neighborhoods was in conjunction with a local church who had a planned canned food drive. The only problem is, that when the church was asked about this strange partnership, they had no idea what reporters were talking about and said that they had not talked to any gun group, including Houston’s Open Carry nuts.

Somehow I’m guessing that getting caught in outright lies isn’t going to do much to repair their image.

Personally this kind of thing makes me really wonder what exactly these people are thinking. I mean, they can’t all be just completely insane, right??

I guess the way I see it, they are trying to accomplish a few things with something like this. First, I’d say it’s obvious that they are looking for attention. That seems to be one of the main things that drives these whack-a-doos. But maybe they are also looking to diversify their nearly all-white membership. Perhaps they think that walking through a black crowd will make people want to join them? You know, the ‘seen as liberators’ and all that….. (Hey I didn’t say that their reasons were rational.)

But if ask me, I would say the real reason for doing something like this is because they are hoping that there will be a violent confrontation. Several members of this group have openly stated that they believe

“that most blacks are thugs and that going to prison is no different than living at home and leaching off of the government, only the address has changed.”

So why not try to make yourself the “good guy with the gun” in a place you think is already filled with “bad guys with guns?”

Mindy Fischer Mindy Fischer is a lefty-liberal, freelance political writer. Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.
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Mindy Fischer

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Mindy Fischer is a lefty-liberal, freelance political writer. Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.