8 Badass Facts About First Ladies That Should Inspire You (VIDEO)


BuzzFeed Yellow presents 9 badass facts about first ladies.

1. Abigail Adams, Second First Lady: Abigail fought for gender equality when she wrote a famous letter to her husband encouraging him to “remember the ladies.”

2. Dolley Madison, Fourth First Lady: When the British burned down the White House during the War of 1812 Dolley saved a painting of George Washington from the fire.

3. Louisa Adams, Sixth First Lady: Louisa mocked her husband by writing satirical plays about him.

4. Margaret “Peggy” Taylor, Twelfth First Lady: Margaret refused to serve as White House hostess.

5. Eleanor Roosevelt, Thirty-Second First Lady: Eleanor defied segregation laws by sitting between blacks and whites at the Southern Conference for Human Welfare. She also held an all female press conference as First Lady.

6. Betty Ford, Thirty-Eighth First Lady: After her own bout with addiction, Betty created the Betty Ford Center to help others with dependency issues.

7. Hillary Clinton, Forty-Second First Lady:  Hillary was named one of the United States’ top 100 most influential lawyers twice before Bill became president.

8. Michelle Obama, Forty-Fourth First Lady: Michelle was Barack’s mentor when he interned at her law firm.

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